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Sodium tripolyphosphate drying equipment_sodium tripolyphosphate drying machine

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    The effect of Na5P3O10
    The molecular formula of sodium tripolyphosphate is Na5P3O10,formula weight is about 367.86,Solubility OF Na5P3O10·6H2O is 13g/100g.Because of the five Na Yuanzi,so we called it as 5NA.The effect of sodium tripolyphosphate:Mainly in the washing industry,it is common detergent additive.In addition,sodium tripolyphosphate can be used widely in the industry of petroleum, metallurgy, mining, paper, water treatment and so on.It had difference between industry grade and food grade.
    The product process of sodium tripolyphosphate
    It can be producted by neutralization reaction between phosphoric acid and sodium carbonate,and then through condensation.In the process of preparing phosphoric acid,it can be divided into wet and hot method.Wet process link more,and the contant is lower,it as the wet drying with the mainly.The yellow phosphorus combustion made from phosphoric acid.Common thermal process technology:Converter one step method、Spray dryers,Polymerization two step method and air column method.
    Sodium tripolyphosphate dryers
    1 Converter one step method:The whole process is about how to made sodium dihydrogen tripolyphosphate.and the liquid through the nozzle into the furnace(about 200℃) and hot air contact, evaporation.The neutralized solution obtained after water evaporation of sodium dihydrogen phosphate,in high temperature environment it can be polycondensated.
    2 Spray dryer and Polymerization two step method:Whole process of drying will through two steps:Drying and polymerization,and the temp will be control very low.The common method is spray dryers.
    3 One-step method:The method was first proposed in foreign countries,In the last century enter into China about the 80's.The method is also based on spray dryer,The whole drying polymerization is just one step.But there are second ways to do it,this method requires a higher energy consumption, although the method does not need to be aggregated,the entire control is more complex, higher equipment investment.
    Sodium tripolyphosphate new type dryers
    Our company is the factory design drying machine for many years,the method was tested separately.Through data analysis of experiment,and reform the equipment.Based on three method above about new type of double converter process,and we get the new research about one-steps,And the structural transformation of tail gas.The structure diagram as the following shown:
Sodium tripolyphosphate new type dryers
    The pictures above about sodium tripolyphosphate new type dryers
    We can get the conclusion through the above pictures,one return converter is added in the process of drying equipment and the above one step process.Mainly to the tail gas into a heat source,And spray drying of powder in the tail gas..After measurement we found,we can reduce the temperature from 420℃ to 150℃,Reduction of energy consumption about 30%.
    Advantages of sodium tripolyphosphate new type drying equipment
    1Different material returning device is used,quality has been effectively controlled,product quality level can be adjusted by the user.And meet different requirement of production.After testing,we find that the quality of the material is significantly improved compared with the three methods mentioned above,and it is stable.
    2 The whole structure of the material makes the residence time of the material in the dryer.This allows the polymerization to be completed at a lower temperature.
    3 After production and energy consumption calculation,we found that the new type of sodium phosphate and sodium phosphate drying machine has the advantages of lower energy consumption and higher output.
Sodium tripolyphosphate dryers
Sodium tripolyphosphate drying machine
Sodium tripolyphosphate drying equipment
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