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Feed drying equipment_New type feed drying machine

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    Feed refers to the food of animals,numerous species.Common feed ingredients:bean,maize,grain and so on.At present,feed is the main raw material and other additives to the dry mix.For feed drying of the dryer type more,the common as:Spray drying machine、Fluidized bed drying equipment、Drum dryers、Flash drying machine and so on.Different feed has the corresponding drying equipment.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.) is a professional design and production of the enterprise dryer,a further study of the variety of feed is also carried out,and combined with the latest drying technology research and development for feed drying of new drying equipment.
    The new type of drying feed equipment
    As the learn about drying technology intensive study and understand,more and more new type of dry equipment put into production,and to achieve a more satisfactory results.On the subject of feed drying,it had been more new type drying equipment in recent years.
    1 Flash drying machine
    Last century eighty's,Flash drying technology has spread to China,good for the high flow of material,one of the main product is flash dryer.Chief component of flash drying equipment for drying feed:screw feeder、cyclone separator、bag-type dust collector、heat(ing) unit(Coal fired hot blast stove is the common heating equipment of flash drying machine)and host of flash dryers.Feed from the feed port into the main tower,was set at the bottom of the blade crushing.The rise in hot air blowing,during this porcess of rising,feed was cut and crushed by hot air.The surface area of the feed particles is increasing, and the water is constantly evaporating.At last collecting hopper under cyclone separator,Dust with bag dust collector.(You can check and learn through working process 《Simulation demonstration of spray dryers》)Flash dryers can be used for dried blood、meat meal tankage、fishmeal、protein paste、dross and so on.
Feed drying machine
    2 Spiral vibration drying machine
    The part of spiral vibration drying machine:The annular orifice, and the outer shell of the vibrator.2 vibration motors are arranged in the direction of the cross,When the motor rotates, the cylinder can rotate.Hot air enters the drying chamber through the air inlet,through the hole plate in the direction of the bottom.Feed evenly on the hole plate,with the drying cylinder on the upper and lower turnover.Materials in the process of movement,the water had been evaporated.It is similar between spiral vibration dryer and vibrating fluidized bed dryer,but it is different between direction of motion.This equipment is good drying effect for powser,granulation,paste and flake,just like:fish bait、lees、vegetable proteins and so on.
Drying feed drying machine
    3 Rotary vane dryer
    Rotary dryer is a dryer belonging to downstream.The drying material had been put into rotary drum.Rotary drum had been equipped with lifting plate,it will be put into the feed high and high.After the gravity of the feed to the top of the whereabouts of the movement,contact with a rotating blade placed in the barrel,after crushing into small pieces.During the running process,hot air and material is carried out in full heat exchange,Gradually thinning of the material also makes the water evaporation to accelerate.This equipment own some advantages for some material(Sticky),about heat transfer coefficient,high thermal efficiency,occurrence probability of oxidative modification is low.The applicable material:cow dung,fowl dung, pig manure, grass and dregs.
Feed drying equipment
    YiDu drying equipment for feed
    Due to the variety of feed,it is difficult for all the feed drying.Different feeds should be targeted to choose the appropriate drying equipment and heating mode.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) as a professional design feed drying equipment company,will support detailed service.And we will help you to choose drying machine,transformation or technical maintenance of the failure of the dryer.Welcome to contact us,Tel:13809072359

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