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Mancozeb drying equipment_Mancozeb drying machine

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    The principle of mancozeb:
    It is the common bactericide([C4H6MnN2S4]xZny, x:y = 1 : 0.091),mainly used to control the disease of vegetables.This is a kind of low toxic pesticides,sterilization effect is good,and widely used.The original is powder,as the yellow.Melting point is about 136℃,Easy moisture absorption,resolve,oxidation.If there is no good store will happen to burn or even explode.
    Drying machine for mancozeb
    During the drying process,must og through drying process.Before drying,raw material after centrifugal dehydration,get 70% solid content.The water content of the finished product no more than 1%,granularity about 250 mesh.Its drying difficulty lies in the characteristics of the material itself,and exist crystallization water.
    Mancozeb drying equipment
    Conventional vacuum double cone dryer.Because of its high energy consumption and low thermal efficiency;Manual feeding wth person operation,simple operating environment and so on,it will limited the drying of the material.So what drying equipment we will choose?
    Our company related flash drying machine!
    Mancozeb drying equipment
    The flash drying equipment modified to drying mancozeb.Inherited the advantages of vacuum double cone dryer,it will avoid the above problems.Click Animation demo of flash drying machine
    As closed circuit circulation,the drying medium is inert gas.After heating,contact with material,The dry material is collected by the cyclone separator.Inert gas entering the spray tower for cooling and cooling,other inert gases are heated in this place and are in contact with wet material.
    Mancozeb drying machine
    Compared with conventional drying equipment,using the special-purpose flash dryig machine to drying material,material dissipation is less,heat efficiency can be improved,after analog computation:We can save about1000Yuan/T;Automatic feeding device,reduce labor intensity of workers.
    1 Hole drying process had been finished under very low oxygen conditions,Fully consider the characteristics of the material.Reduce the risk.
    2 System design of closed circuit,there will no waste gas and leaking,and there is little pollution to the air.
    3 Huge amount of treatment:Fast drying rate,huge amount of treatment.it have great advantages in mass production.
    4 Compare with vacuum double-cone drying machine,it is stream-mode.
Mancozeb([C4H6MnN2S4]xZny, x:y = 1 : 0.091) dryers
Mancozeb drying equipment
Mancozeb drying machine
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