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Yeast solution drying tower,Yeast solution spray drying equipment

Time:2015-10-05  Creator:Yi Du

    It need remove water about 82%,so we choose spray dryers to drying this material and finish task.
     As Centrifugal spray dryers drying yeast solution,control the Temp about:Temp of inlet 180℃/Temp of outlet 80-95℃.Amount of treatment about 250Kg/h,the common type is LPG-250 series spray drying machine.For collect material fully,on the basis of the original water film dust remover.Used as hot air and flow way,just for improving drying rate,compensation for steam heating and electric heating.
     The whole centrifugal spray drying equipment can be divided into:Inlet air filtration system、Hot air distributor、Drying tower、Feeding and atomization system、Efficient cyclone separator、Tail gas dust removal system and so on.According to the character of yeast solution,in the design process of the spray dryer,carried out special treatment.
     1 Adjust the taper of the tower,change conventional angle from 60° to 54°,the smooth of the material in the cone is fully considered.
     2 Adopt the frequency converter to adjust the speed to achieve the best results.High speed motor had been drive,the speed had been increase to 15500R.P.M,speed of the atomizing plate is high to 127m/s,Ensure effect of atomization.Safety protection device with oil pressure digital automatic detection, the main shaft is equipped with water cooling system and air cooling device, to ensure that the spindle is not subject to high temperature and deformation.And it equipped with air seal device,ensure there no oil leaking.Browse Mechanism of spray
     3 To avoid happen “vortex pump suction”and pneumatic situation,and lead to “Back to top ceiling or powder spray”,Special design can ensure there no spray droplet not back to the top.
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