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Influence factors of bleaching powder concentrate drying machine

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    Industrial method of drying bleaching powder concentrate
    Bleaching powder is one of the most common washing products,it called as high test bleaching powde.The mainly component is calcium hypochlorite,different technology with different component,there will exist two kinds:with calcium hypochlorite&with sodium chloride and calcium hydroxide.It will be widely used for washing, textile, paper and so on,it have strong sterilization, purification of the efficacy of bleaching.
    Industrial drying method:The chlorine into the milk of lime and water by calcium hypochlorite.Water is generated in the reaction process, so it is needed to remove excess water from the drying equipment.
    Flash drying machine for bleaching powder
    The cake was dried by flash dryer,the above article about《Barium carbonate flash drying technology碳酸钡》,our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd)as the same is recommended as the main equipment of flash dryer drying section.Flash dryer is one of our hot products, which is characterized by high drying efficiency,it is good effect for material with heat sensitive, high viscosity.
    Get the slurry into centrifuge machine and caaried out dehydrated,and gain the filter cake(Moisture content about 50%),enter the flash dryer by feeder and screw conveyor.The wet filter cake is crushed by the blade of the main engine,blowing by hot air, the internal moisture to evaporate.the dried material had been got by cyclone separator,and next step process.Please browse and learn details process through 《The working principle of flash drying machine》.The working process as the following shown:
Structure diagram of calcium hypochlorite filter cake flash drying equipment
    The article above is about structure diagram of calcium hypochlorite filter cake flash drying equipmen.
    Influence factors
    Drying incorrect parameters, and improper operation will cause flash dryer products do not meet the requirements.There are two machine stoppage.
    The first is the product of the smaller particles, in the follow-up of the pressing process,Because the mesh, resulting in low flying dust refining,bad production environment.
    We learn,A lot of companies are using the disc dryer at first,in recent years has been gradually upgraded to flash dryer.And the compacting machine supported by disc dryers.Disc products mesh is generally greater than flash, so the pressure machine can not work properly.
    In addition,in the process of drying,other one maily result is no reasonable adjustment parameters.Long drying time,blade angle adjustment,setting error of air quantity and air pressure,all of that can lead to smaller particle size.
    Second is in the dry process, the occurrence of congestion, production interruption.
    In the production process, the equipment will be issued a stuffy ring, and the case will be the belt off.After analysis and testing we found,after contact blade,the flash was thrown to the wall.The material that is attached to the inner wall is not completely dried and completely covered by a material that is left behind by the other.Such a layer of material and the blade friction, resulting in a stuffy ring, when the material layer to a certain extent, the motor overheating and even stop.
    The reform of flash drying equipment for calcium hypochlorite
    According to the problem abvoe, we deduce and find the best solution.At first, from the design of the device, to solve the problem.(See 《Design key points of spin flash dryer》)
    1 Replace the pressing machine and ensure the normal operation.
    2 Adjust the height of the host and shorten the residence time of the material.
    3 Motor mounting frequency conversion device to control the degree of material grinding, to avoid product particle size is too small
    4 Set up enter the air pipeline increase about 15mm,and improve the air flow of equipment.Observe whether there is a blind spot, to avoid local product.
    5 The blade structure is adjusted to increase the distance between them.
    More information about flash drying machine you can browse ——《Reform of flash drying equipment
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