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Orange peel drying machine

Time:2015-10-09  Creator:Yi Du

    All of us knows,orange peel is good for health.It can prevent carsick, hangover, prevent colds,do all kinds of delicious dishes,just like orange peel porridge, orange peel jam; rich in vitamin C is also very good for the skin.In pharmacies, supermarkets, we are to buy the finished product of orange peel, are already dry processing good orange peel.If made from orange peel, usually with the sun on the sun, or drying.If it is a common processing of orange peel, it requires professional drying equipment.
    For this material,our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) recommend Belt dryers to dry the material,compared with the oven, the drying rate of the belt dryer is better, and the effect is better.
    The three layer belt type dryer is composed of several independent units along the direction of the device,each unit includes:belt、mesh belt drive mechanism、circulating air blower、steam heat exchanger(provide heat source)、Cold air system、Drainage system.Each unit can be independently controlled for the flow and temperature of the drying medium (hot air),and it can promise the used range be widely.
    Orange peel into the three layer with the top of the top of the net with feeding hopper, feeding hopper with a cloth body, can be evenly distributed on the conveyor belt, mesh belt carrying material slowly to the device on the other end of the move, driven by the motor through the transmission, can speed. When the orange peel is sent to the other end of the belt dryer, automatic drop into the second mesh belt, the same process into the third layer, the material in each layer of the speed can be adjusted independently, to ensure that the material to meet the required parameters. Through the upper material of the air contains a certain amount of heat, the direct discharge of waste energy, all the recycling and dry use again because the temperature is too low, so part of the air, and the other part of the air and add fresh air mixed, the next layer of recycling. The relative position of the particles in the drying process is relatively fixed, with the same drying time, the color change of the dry material and the moisture content of the material is very important. In addition, the vibration or impact of the material on the belt dryer is slight, the material particles are not easy to be broken, so it is suitable for drying the material which is not allowed to break.

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