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Aquatic product drying equipment_Advantages of YiDu aquatic product drying machine

Time:2015-10-09  Creator:Yi Du

    Current status of aquatic products
    With the continuous progress of China's fishery technology, the production of aquatic products has also been a breakthrough. Deep processing of aquatic products, which is the most common, is now the most common method of cold storage, storage, processing and so on. As a big country, the processing technology of aquatic products is still in the initial stage, compared with the developed countries, there is a shortage. Heat sensitive seafood, known as sea cucumber and shark fins and scallops, etc. The is natural air dry method, or by hot air drying processing mode, due to temperature is not easy to control often results in damage of nutritional products, resulting in greater economic losses. It is urgent to select the suitable drying equipment for water products.Our company recommend ——vacuum freeze dryers!
    Advantages of YiDu aquatic product drying machine
    Vacuum freeze drying technology is a new drying technology,the above 《Principle of vacuum freeze drying equipment》talk about that.Above《Vacuum drying technology for different fruits》tabout he vacuum freeze drying technology of common fruit is described in this paper.We can see that the vacuum freeze drying is different from the common hot air drying, the product quality requirements of higher material, the device is the best choice. So, what are the characteristics of vacuum freeze drying equipment used in the drying of aquatic products?
    1 After drying the appearance of aquatic products to get maximum protection. Vacuum freeze drying equipment drying temperature is lower (in the material of the eutectic point temperature), dry chamber height of oxygen. The heat sensitive, easy oxidation of aquatic products is undoubtedly the best drying method.
    2 A good instant, has the characteristics of stable skeleton. The water in the water product in the sublimation of the role of water in the sublimation has become ice crystals, forming a relatively stable solid skeleton. After drying, the material is like a sponge, and the porous and not the form is kept as the same. The porous structure makes the dried aquatic products has instant strong and rehydration.
    3 Surface not stiff, compared with hot air drying of moisture migration phenomenon, inorganic salt from the inside of the material was brought to the surface after drying has a hard shell. There is no phenomenon that the vacuum freeze drying process does not exist, and the inorganic salt is still distributed in the material.
    4 Long shelf life, easy to store and transport. After drying, the water content of the product is about 5%, the use of vacuum packaging in the form of.
    5 Low energy consumption of equipment. As the drying process does not require a higher temperature, the heat source temperature is not high, the special design of the drying chamber to avoid unnecessary heat loss.
    Advantages of YiDu aquatic product drying machine
    Our company design and production for aquatic product drying of vacuum freeze dryer at present many enterprises have already put into production, drying water more kinds of products, such as mentioned above the sea cucumber and abalone, whitebait, shrimp and crab.Welcome to contact us if you need to order the equipment or to consult with the drying equipment for your products.Tel:13809072359!

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