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Drying machine for calcium lactate_Calcium lactate dryers

Time:2015-10-09  Creator:Yi Du

    Calcium lactate drying machine
    As the high solubility,high bioavailability and texture,it is widely used in food and health care products, the market has great potential.In the production process, the need to use drying equipment for drying.At present,mainly by the use of concentrated cooling natural crystallization method,the drying equipment can be used for drying calcium lactate.Due to long drying time,extension of the production cycle of the whole product, does not apply to the current scale of production.Then many companies adopted the method of cooling drum production,greatly shorten the production cycle,but because of requirement of technology(GMP standard), the entire production equipment to increase, in addition, after crushing of the lactic acid calcium in the process of water dissolved in the process of agglomeration, reduce its solubility.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) after full understanding of the current production process,design new drying equipment ——Spray drying&granulation machine.The heat air is used in the calcium lactate solution, and the particles are obtained in the instant.
    Calcium lactate granulation
    Our company design and production of lactic acid calcium drying equipment,the spray granulation dryer as granulation of calcium lactate solution and drying equipment,through spray granulation dryer, to achieve the purpose of drying and granulation of calcium lactate.In the calcium lactate dryer, when as for production of granular calcium lactate material calcium lactate solution is pumped into, in the spray material mouth and was admitted to the compressed air mixed and atomized spray into the calcium lactate dryer, spray into the lactic acid calcium dry within the host mist calcium lactate solution and continue to be bottom-up into the hot air opposite contact heat exchange is drying into fine particles(When the calcium lactate granules were accumulated to a certain amount, the material was stopped, and then the hot air drying was continued into the hot air to form the calcium lactate granules.≥98%(To five water calcium lactate as a unit););The dried particles are in the hot air agitation, and are in the form of a continuous spray of the fog material to continue to carry out the impact of mixing and heat exchange, which is dry, remove the moisture content. In the process of calcium lactate drying, the volume of the particles increases, and continues to be bonded with a continuous spray of fog. Through quantity control in unit time hot air tambour, realize the drying and forming particle size, until it becomes the required specifications of the solid granular calcium lactate(Spray granulation dryer and hot air outlet at the use of bag dust removal; removal of calcium lactate particles after screening were packaged in different particle size range of products)。Using the calcium lactate drying equipment, the process is simple, the design is reasonable, the granulation and drying of calcium lactate can be accomplished in the same equipment.
    The using method
    We use experimental type spray drying equipment for workshop equipped with simulated test, using the following procedure. In the actual production of lactic acid calcium in the process, only need to adjust the air temperature to the wind. If there is a question that can be directly linked to my company.
    1、Start drying equipment of calcium lactate induced draught fan and a blower (control cabinet push-button) makes the hot air from the lower entry, through in the lower part of the T-shaped mesh to discharge.Adjust the temperature of the air into the wind to 80℃,Into the air volume to 5L/Min。Then open the spray feed valve.。
    2、About half solutioon(as five water calcium lactate with a unit) about (80~95℃),Into the spray chamber,spray speed is about 3~4L/Min.In the spray mouth and clean compressed air mixture into a mist like down, and hot air to heat exchange, forming particles.(Can be set according to the actual situation of temperature)
    3、Particles, motivated by hot air, and then bonded to the mist of calcium lactate is dried to form particles from sinking to the bottom of the screen, so virtuous cycle, to ensure that the calcium lactate particles is relatively uniform.
    4、And when reach about 300L,And from the mirror observation hole particle spray dryer is uniform, stop feeding,still drying about 10~13min,Stop in the wind.Detection of calcium lactate granules about ≥98%,With the vacuum pumping machine, the calcium lactate particles were transferred to the screening machine, and the particles with different diameters were screened, and the whole production process was completed.
    The picture
Calcium lactate drying machine

Calcium lactate dryers

Calcium lactate drying equipment

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