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Potassa dryers_Caustic potash drying machine

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        Potassa dryers
        Potassa can be called as caustic potash, kalium causticum, potassa caustica,molecular formula is KOH,it is a common chemical raw materials, mainly used in pharmaceutical and chemical fields,it can be used in electroplating industry.The material itself has a strong alkaline and corrosive, in the process of production, the selection of drying equipment must be a certain anti corrosion ability!Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) as a professional manufacturer of dryer, many customers have customized for many sets of drying machine,just like Mn(OH)2 drying equipment and Caustic soda drying machine are based by our traffice drying equipment,this si new drying equipment designed for different materials.In addition,our company had design Drying equipment of magnesium hydrate it can be nano scale,you can click and learn more about《Nanometer magnesium hydroxide drying technology
        Potassa caustica drying machine
        In the process of drying caustic potash,due to the special of material,in the selection about drying equipment of potassium hydroxide,it different about Calcium hydroxide dryerstechnology and Cupric hydroxide drying technology,carried our drying with double cone vacuum drying machine.The main engine of this type of dryer is a double cone.Drying material had been finish with vacuum.The heat comes from the inside of the tank which is heated by steam or hot water,heat exchange between the dry material and the inner wall of the tank body, and the water vapor is pumped away after heat absorption.Due to the vacuum, and it is affected by rotary force and continuous turning,this two method can speed up drying rate,it can effectively improve the drying efficiency,at the same time, it also ensures the uniformity of drying.
        Kalium causticum twin cone drying equipment
        It is mix with blend and vacuum drying equipment about kalium causticum twin cone drying equipment.The pressure in the drying chamber is lower than that of the atmosphere, less gas molecules,low density,Low oxygen content,avoid the decline of quality in the process of drying;There is no direct contact with heat, avoid other drying methods in surface hardening and separated;The whole drying process is finished in the closed environment, and the subsequent entry into the weighing and packing, avoiding contact with the skin, greatly reducing the intensity of work, and also improve the security.
        The picture about drying machine
Potassa caustica drying machine
Potassa caustica drying equipment
Potassa caustica dryers

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