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Aquatic feed drying machine_Extruded feed drying equipment

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  Aquatic feed dryers
In the Fish feed drying machine, mainly based on extrusion cooking. In this process, water is a very important catalyst, it can effectively promote the starch pasting and protein denaturation, but also can effectively improve the extrusion speed. General aquatic feed extrusion of the feed moisture content of about 20%, mainly for natural drying will be the moisture to the safe moisture. But the method of natural air dry aquatic feed is limited by the local climate environment, and the product water can not be effectively controlled. So we need to use aquatic feed drying equipment for aquatic feed drying.
Extruded feed drying equipment
The working principle of drying equipment for aquatic feed drying is very simple. First of all, the aquatic feed is processed by extrusion and drying(About this you can browse Apple drying machine) and other Feed drying machine,In the dry medium of aquatic feed drying equipment for air, need to be heated by heat source (steam coil) after the wind turbine and wet material for contact. Aquatic feed wet material in the role of hot air continuously flip mixing, and air for the full heat and mass transfer, played the role of water evaporation, reducing the water content of aquatic feed.
Aquatic feed belt drying machine
In the process of the selection of aquatic feed drying equipment, the following aspects should be considered in the following aspects:
1 The starch content in aquatic feed is higher (which has certain viscosity), in the process of drying, it can avoid the accumulation of the material in the drying chamber. The common method is to use the material to be distributed on the net.
2 Aquatic feed drying equipment shall be artificially flipped or stirred on the platform or station.
3 Because the velocity of drying medium is large enough, the wet material blowing.
4 Aquatic feed drying machine is provided with automatic cleaning device, the cleaning door is reasonable and easy to clean.
5 Automatic output of dry goods, to avoid stranded in the device. The residual dry powder particles should be automatically returned to the extrusion machine entrance to repeat extrusion drying process.
According to the above method, in the aquatic feed drying equipment selection, we recommend the use of belt drying equipment!Belt drying equipment in the field of feed drying has very many applications,just like Magnesium carbonate drying machine and Convenient cross bridge rice vermicelli drying.In the feed drying industry, the main types of belt drying equipment are single layer, double layer and multi layer (3 layers), and the main process of aquatic feed is mainly based on double layer dry equipment. Different from the traditional double layer dry equipment,in the process of aquatic feed dryersBelt conveyer belt structure is different.
In the process of using belt drying equipment for aquatic feed drying, there are many factors that affect the drying effect, such as hot air temperature, feed speed, the opening degree of the air blower and so on. According to the experience of our company, the high drying temperature can be used to effectively relieve the floating of the feed. With sink to the bottom of the feed for best use of medium drying temperature for drying; for the higher fat content of feed is due to avoid high temperature caused material damage, general practice is low temperature drying, and appropriate to extend the drying cycle. Because of the different drying characteristics of aquatic feed, there is no uniform drying parameter of aquatic feed in the process of actual production. My company has carried on the simulation experiment to a variety of common aquatic feed drying, collected many drying parameters.If you need to order the feed dryer or want to know more about the drying of aquatic feed, can be directly linked to my company.Tel:13809072359!

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