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Printing and dyeing sludge dehydration machine_Dipdye sludge drying equipment

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Dipdye sludge drying technology
This material is solid or slurry waste after printing and dyeing wastewater treatment.Printing and dyeing sludge composition is more complex, which contains the remaining dyes, additives, etc., if handled improperly cause environmental pollution. The printing and dyeing industry is a traditional industry, printing and dyeing factory is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region. These printing and dyeing enterprises for the local economy to make a huge contribution to the same time has become a large sewage, the local ecological environment has caused a greater threat. For printing and dyeing wastewater treatment is imminent, how to choose the printing and dyeing sludge dewatering equipment has become a lot of printing and dyeing enterprises the most headaches. A lot of enterprises have adopted the technology of printing and dyeing sludge drying process of dyeing waste water sludge, and achieved good results.
Printing and dyeing sludge dehydration machine
Traditional Sludge drying machine used mechanical dewatering,most of the free water in the material can be removed,but after dealwith the material,water content is still relatively high,so its volume is still hugh.If as mechanical dewatering of sludge drying,it will increase the cost and investment in the process,In addition, the content of the material can be reduced(just like combustion heat value and agricultural fertilizer,it will cause damage to product quality!).At present, the method of printing and dyeing sludge treatment is carried out by using modern drying equipment.The drying equipment uses the physical heat method to discharge the water,with the develop technology in China,drying equipment types are also increasing,the common drying equioment own many kinds,it can be devided into convection dryers、conduction drying and radiation drying and so on.
rinting and dyeing sludge dehydration machine
Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) is a professional design and production of the enterprise dryer,the drying characteristics of many materials are deeply studied,our microwave drying equipment had beed used mainly for Electroplating sludge drying;Sludge fluidized bed dryer had beed used forAlcohol sludge drying machine;In addition to the urban sludge can also be used for the production of our company with dry equipment!Municipal sludge treatment of the high budget, drying equipment, energy consumption and maintenance costs are higher.The value of the printing and dyeing sludge is not high, the need for printing and dyeing sludge drying characteristics and the actual situation of printing and dyeing enterprises design. Such as printing and dyeing enterprises generally have the boiler and other heat sources, in the design of printing and dyeing sludge drying machine can be directly used as a heat source of printing and dyeing drying equipment to reduce equipment investment!
Dipdye sludge drying equipment
In many drying equipment,The disc drying equipment is small, and the energy consumption is low, and can be directly dried.Disc dryers had been used for Ternary drying machineBarium sulfate drying machineSilica powder dryers硅微粉,in the printing and dyeing industry, the use of disc drying equipment can ease the problem of the workshop area.And after my company simulation test found that higher drying effect,and when the water content of more than 50%,it will make the material adhere to the dry plate, the interruption of the drying process.This is because when the printing and dyeing sludge moisture content of more than 50%,the adhesive capacity of the sludge of the printing and dyeing wastewater is also increased,Obviously, the type of drying equipment for printing and dyeing sludge has certain limitation. So what kind of printing and dyeing sludge dewatering equipment to avoid printing and dyeing sludge in the drying process because of the excessive moisture content caused by the wall?Our compant find from Molybdenum concentrate dryersPolyvinyl alcohol drying machine聚乙烯醇Isophthalic acid PIA drying machine,blade drying equipment can better dry sticky material.So we can choose biaxial paddle drying equipment to dry this material!
Printing and dyeing sludge dehydration machine
This kind of drying equipment is the material that is to be dried by the blade of the movement, and the dry area is increased.Two axis design can avoid the material adhesion on the blade surface, improve the drying efficiency.The equipment occupies a small area, it is suitable.The device structure is shown as following:
Dipdye sludge drying equipment
The above picture about structure diagram of dipdye sludge drying equipment.
The drying equipment had beed design by our company,effective volume is 0.29m³;speed rate about 5-20r/min;power is 7.5KW;The main shaft, blades and jacket are provided with a heat source inlet, which can be steam or heat conduction oil,its pressure is 0.6MPa;Blades and main shaft parts in dry equipment,heat transfer area is472㎡、heat transfer area of bushing is 1.8㎡、number of paddles are 2×10个.Built in design as shown below:
Printing and dyeing sludge dehydration machine
The above about printing and dyeing sludge dehydration machine.1-Drying equipment for dyeing and finishing sludge;2-Feed port;3-Feeding off air blower;4-Fan off fan;5-Windows;6-Hot air inlet;7-Tail gas outlet;8-Steam inlet;9-Steam inlet of paddle;10-Condensate water outlet;11-Flowmeter;12-Thermometer;13-Hot air valve;14-Steam valve;15-Steam flow meter;16-Steam pressure gauge;17-Safety valve;18-Drain valve;19-Induced draft fan;
Use of this drying equipment, can achieve continuous drying.Heat axis rotation speed can be set in 12r/min,Heat transfer coefficient and water evaporation rate are higher and the energy consumption of the corresponding drying equipment is lowest.Detailed drying process can be seen through Demo animation of hollow blade dryer空心桨叶干燥机动画演示.
Printing and dyeing sludge dehydration machine
In the process of sludge drying, taking into account the enterprise's own situation using the blade drying equipment for drying.During our company drying simulation,the structure of the traditional disc drying equipment is reformed, and the blades are connected in series.The disc of the paddle drying equipment but also for textile dyeing sludge drying, and special design of dry material anti mixed structure greatly improves the stability of textile dyeing sludge drying equipment operation.If you want to know more about this kind drying machine,or you want to learn more about this technology,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359!

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