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Epsom salt drying machine_epsom salt drying technology_Epsom salts drying equipment

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    What is the Epsom Salt?
    We often say that the name for the epsom salt, water Magnesium sulfate. So, the chemical formula is MgSO4 & middot 7H2O, Epsom salt with molecular weight of 246.47. epsom salt solubility of magnesium sulfate is soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and glycerol.
    The apple
    Uses are mainly used as fertilizer, feed additives, in the printing and dyeing industry also has a wide range of applications. The composition contains the laxative ingredients.
    Industry drying technology
    In comparison, with a water of magnesium sulfate is more high, and the market prospect is more extensive. In addition, the preparation of a water of magnesium sulfate will produce other magnesium sulfate products, added to improve.
    At present, raw materials for production preparation process is mainly divided into two categories: high temperature crystallization and drying dehydration. We have seven water Magnesium sulfate dehydration is expounded. The drying equipment used for the disc dryer.
    Epsom Salt disc dryers
    The structure of disc dryer comprises: drying tray, rake arm, rake leaves, grinding roller, spindle, transmission equipment etc.. Seven water magnesium sulfate is reproduced in the dry plate, in the role of the rake leaves into the Archimedes spiral trajectory movement. Material in the movement with the dry medium of full contact, complete heat and mass transfer, evaporation of water.
    According to the data we know that when the seven water magnesium sulfate material is heated to 120℃, will lose 6 molecules of crystallization water, continue to heat up to 250℃, all of the water is completely evaporated, get the finished product
    Equipment parameters determination
    We recommend using the disc dryer in drying process, and then, in the case of the material and the material is not returned, many times of the contrast test, to find the factors that affect the drying effect, and determine the drying parameters of disc dryer.
    Drying temp:160℃
    Dryng speed rate:15r/min
    drying intensity:4.1kg/(㎡•h)
Epsom salt drying machine
Epsom salt drying equipment
Epsom salt dryers
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