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Sludges drying machine

Time:2015-10-09  Creator:Yi Du

    As the the devloppment quality of life,with improvement of urbanization level,daily living garbage is also increasing, resulting in a large number of sludge.These sludges with complex composition,and high moisture content.If we can reasonably deal with sludge, it not only improve the environment,and the full use of energy is also played a help.So what is drying sludges?
    Due to difference of sludges,so there are no one more uniform standard for sludges drying equipment,it can only according to the experience of the factory.The presence of water in sludge is different.It can devided into:Free water,Gap water,Surface adsorbed water and internal water.There are different forms of water, and the degree of difficulty is different.DUring the sort of drying uldges,it can be devieded into:Concentrate——Dehydration——Drying.
    Concentrate:The first step of drying slydge had beed finished by gravity concentration, flotation concentrate or centrifugal concentration method.
    Dehydration:The common dehydrate method is mechanical dewatering.Of course it will be vacuum dehydration, pressure dehydration, belt press dehydration.
    Drying:Due to the use of different, the choice of the dryer is also different.just like Belt dryers to drying sludges.
    In treatment of sludge, there are 2 types of belt dryer:Direct drying belt dryer or indirect type of —of belt direct drying equipment.
    Direct drying belt dryer:The hot air from the mobile belt dryer mesh to make contact with the sludge. The sludge will be pre processed before drying, in order to increase the contact surface to be extruded into strips. Hot air away from the sludge moisture, complete the drying process.
    indirect type of —of belt direct drying equipment:An increase in other drying methods based on direct band dryer: heat transfer for sludge.After the completion of the hot air to the sludge, the bottom heat transfer method is used to improve the rate of the belt dryer.
    The method of treating sludge with a type of dryer is very helpful for some kind of sludge, but not suitable for other materials.If you need information about this,welcome to contact us.Our company had studied for many years in sludges drying machine,for different kinds of sludge has different drying equipment and corresponding.

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