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Calcium citrate drying machine_C12H10Ca3O14 drying equipment

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    Calcium citrate drying machine
    We called calcium citrate as acicontral,used in food field,commonly used as the calcareous Strengthening Qi u, chelating agent, buffer and organizations coagulant, especially as a calcium supplement, because of its taste flat and high content of calcium, often add into the infant formula food, beverage, milk and a variety of health care products. Industrial production of calcium citrate is often a white crystalline powder, the product packaging is easy to blow into the air, resulting in dust pollution. Traditional calcium citrate production technology, brewing will centrifuge after drying the calcium citrate crystal into the granulator minced and then add calcium citrate powder are mixed and stirred evenly.To keep the material moisture in the machine. about 20-25%;Starting, the speed of 400r/min mixing materials, granulation time is 40-50min, the sieve out qualified products into the drying oven to get the finished product. Which, due to the drying of calcium citrate drying equipment and can not be closed, the whole drying workshop will appear a lot of dust. In addition, due to the low thermal efficiency of citric acid calcium dryer, drying period of up to 10 hours. Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. and the difficulty of citric acid calcium drying characteristics were in-depth research, and Research on the citric acid calcium drying industry, using a spray dryer citric acid calcium drying process are summed up, and the citric acid calcium sulfate sample test.
    Calcium citrate drying equipment
    Calcium citrate drying tests were performed in simulated the citric acid production technology of calcium, 1256.3kg, citric acid and 727.3kg, calcium hydroxide in 600 liters of existence under reaction of calcium citrate samples. The molar ratio of calcium hydroxide and citric acid is less than 3:2, the accurate value of 2.92:2. The citric acid in the aniseed tank with about 2274 litres of cold water. In another trough, about 2274 liters of water mixed with calcium hydroxide. Then paste in calcium hydroxide 10-15 minutes after delivery speed pump all the slurry to the citric acid solution. In the whole reaction and mixing process, must be fully stirred. With the remaining approximately 200 liters of water tank and pipeline flushing of calcium hydroxide. Because of the heat of reaction, the temperature of the slurry increased from 15 to 57. After the reaction is finished, the batch is cooled to about 27 -32. The final pH value of the concentrated slurry should be in the 3.8-4.6, or can be adjusted with the reaction mixture. And then use the runner (7600 RPM) to spray the slurry spray dry. The outlet temperature is adjusted to about 107, and the inlet temperature is about 232. From the results of calcium citrate drying, the product moisture content in line with the requirements of the process, no powder leakage, etc., and the drying time is about 10 seconds.
    Calcium citrate dryers
    In the process of designing the calcium citrate drying process, the solubility of calcium citrate in water is very small, and the solution of about 0.1% weight is formed at room temperature. So in the process of design experiments, the salt in the form of insoluble material is present in the form of an insoluble substance in the form of an insoluble material, which is formed from 5 to 100 microns. In this experiment, the optimum product is obtained by the following conditions: the solid content of the new citric acid calcium salt solution is kept in 20-26%, preferably 22-24% weight, and the temperature of the slurry is about 27 -32. In order to avoid the formation of gel in water slurry, especially in the conditions of less than about 21 degrees, also in order to prevent the long-term storage of recrystallization, so within the slurry preparation after approximately 4-5 hours will water slurry spray drying. The slurry is sprayed at an inlet temperature of about 238 C to 218 C to provide a free flow of water content less than 6%, and the bulk and density of the slurry is from about 0.3 to about 0.7 g / ml.. Spray dried product should avoid mixing in a long time, especially the homogenization treatment, because the salt particles can be broken into fine particles.
    The pictures about this equipment
Calcium citrate dryers

Calcium citrate drying machine
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