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Food-grade magnesium sulphate drying equipment_Epsom salt dehydrator

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    The market of food-grade magnesium sulphate drying machine
    Today, the production of more and more enterprises in China, the market competition. The food grade in Europe, Asia Pacific region has a larger market, and the price is much higher than the industry.
    The industry technology
    Raw materials for industrial magnesium sulphate, after dissolution, cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying dehydration.
    The raw material according to a certain proportion of the dissolution of saturated solution, the temperature required to control at 80℃ degrees Celsius, through stirring, material liquid cooling crystallization. When reach 25℃, centrifugal separation, separation of the filter cake after drying, get the product is food grade magnesium sulfate, while the mother liquor to flows back to the raw material warehouse production cycle.
    The drying principle
    1 Process water selection:We use tap water respectively, compared with distilled water and electrodialysis water test. We found that the use of tap water production, the higher the chloride ion content, obviously not meet the requirements of the product. The distilled water price is higher, considered from the perspective of the cost of production, selection of electrodialysis water is more appropriate.
    2 Effect of concentration:After different concentration groups, we found that the concentration of the feed solution influenced the quality of the product and the size of the particles. The lower the average concentration, the higher the particle size, the better the product quality.
    3 Temperature of dry material:In the case of the same concentration, the yield of the product can be increased if the temperature of the crystallization temperature is decreased. In order to synthesize the quality and quantity of the index, we suggest that the temperature control in the 20 to 25 degrees is appropriate.
    4 Determination of stirring speed:In the process of crystallization need to seven water magnesium sulfate for mixing. The speed of the stirring speed will affect the size of the particle size, the general setting in 40~50r/min。
    The picture of equipment
Epsom salt dehydrator
Epsom salt drying machine
Epsom salt dehydrator&drying equipment
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