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Coffee bean dryers_Coffee drying machine_caffea drying equipment

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    What is coffee bean
    Coffee is one of the three drinks in the world. It is one of the favorite drinks for many office workers.one good coffee need best coffee bean.There are few kinds of coffee bean,just like: Blue Mountain,Cubita,Mocha and naga Xuefei and so on.All the coffee bean is not only the blace,as usual it can be change green to orange,and than will be similar with YuGui's color.The quality of the deep brown is the best.Coffee will be colected from October to March every year,it all need to be handle.There are two kinds of method:Water washing method and drying method.The drying method as the natural drying with mainly,and insolation about one~two weeks and than peeling by dehydrated.The washing method is to remove the freshly picked coffee beans into the sink, and remove the skin and flesh of the fruit after removal of the fruit from the surface of the water.This production can be set into sink,and remove the pulp.We will set the material into the fermentation tank for 1~2 days,and than we must remove the colloid in the surface of coffee bean.At last,we will finish after washing,drying,remove pulp and drying.Simple said coffee processing link is:Choosing→Miscellaneous→Cleaning→Immersion/soaking→Drying→Weighing and packing
    Coffee bean dryers
    In the process of drying coffee bean,had through choosing and soaking and so on,at last it need dryin and dehydration.There are many kinds of drying equipment for coffee beans, and the drying process is different.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) in order to find the best drying process, the drying test was carried out. A comparison test was made by drying oven, drying oven drying and microwave drying.
    Sample of drying coffee bean
    We will be dry coffee beans are divided into three groups, respectively, with three drying process for coffee beans drying.
    Microwave:The microwave power is set to intermediate.Dry time was set for the 5 groups of 1-5min. After drying, the 5 groups of coffee aroma and taste. The dry 4 minutes group of the coffee with the most intense aroma, and taste slightly bitter no paste.
    Drying:My company's dry lab view coffee beans drying curve chart found that the best hot air drying temperature in the 160-180, the setting temperature of 160℃-2.5h、165℃-2.25h、170℃-2h、175℃-1.5h and 180-2.3h℃ for the 5 groups were dry test, found in the 175℃-1.5h group, the shorter drying period, better taste.
    Baking oven for drying.Electric furnace is controlled by the transformer to adjust the drying intensity.Devided into 220V、210V、200 nd 190V,baking time about 10min、11min、13min and 16min。At that 220v need 10min is the best.
    Drying room for coffee
    The article above about Coffee drying production line tell us,Measure the effect of coffee drying index for the content of coffee isoflavone. Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty drying laboratory coffee isoflavone content assay above three groups in effect the best coffee bean products. After analysis, the content of isoflavone in the dry box group was the highest. This shows that the best drying process of the coffee beans is the electric heating air blast drying, the drying equipment of the coffee bean drying equipment. The best drying parameters were:
    Soaking tmie:2.5h;
    Drying Temp:175℃;
    Drying Time:1.5h;
    Above about the testing data in our company,in the actual production process only has the reference significance。
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