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HuangQi vacuum belt drying technology

Time:2015-10-09  Creator:Yi Du

   HuangQi is a common Chinese herbal medicine, it is recorded that the use of Astragalus for two thousand years of history. The main role is Qi, diuresis, pus etc.. The continuous development of modern pharmaceutical technology, the active ingredients in the Chinese herbal medicine to extract and concentrate on other ingredients to become the most common practice in the pharmaceutical industry. Astragalus is one of them.
    Selection of HuangQi drying equipment:
    Most of the extracts of Chinese herbal medicine have a high viscosity, and easy to moisture absorption. Spray drying is usually used to the phenomenon of sticky wall.Just like above 《The character of spray drying equipment for handle herbs》 talked about that,Although the use of traditional Chinese medicine extract can alleviate part of a spray dryer, but there are still a lot of problems. Such as large energy consumption, drying cycle is too long, etc.. After difficulty drying equipment Co., Ltd. of Changzhou City of new drying technology repeated attempts, and the original drying equipment bold reform. It was found that the use of vacuum belt dryer can be very good dry astragalus.
    The advantages of vacuum belt drying machine
    1 Widely used:The vacuum degree of vacuum dryer is used. about 1000-3000pa,temp about 30-60℃. Wet material drying in the drying chamber, due to the low concentration of oxygen in the environment. So the vacuum belt dryer, heat sensitive oxygen sensitive material is more suitable. There is no material is tiled evenly on the belt drying, not under the action of airflow, so is also applicable to high concentration and high viscosity materials, the。
    2 Material quality: stay dry material inside and outside temperature gradient is small, the internal material of water by reverse osmosis effects of exercise, avoid the loss of solutes. The color, smell, and taste of the material to be dried, can be kept to the maximum.
    3 Instant: material after vacuum belt dryer, foaming will form porous structure, enhances the solubility of products.
    4 Will not cause environmental pollution: the whole process of drying dust, tail gas by the vacuum system to collect, will not cause pollution to the environment.
    5 Equipment drying rate is high: the vacuum belt dryer for the conduction of dry, will not cause the loss of heat, compared with other types of convective drying equipment, its thermal efficiency is higher than other types of 20%-50%.
    Points of attention:
    1 Relative density must be controled less than 1.3:Huangqi extract for it,Relative density more than 1.3,it will thick,high density will lead to the problem of high energy consumption.
    2 To control the feeding speed: the feed speed will affect the material tile effect, causes material leakage occurs, the problem of incline. According to different material properties and branch feed speed, the corresponding modulation speed of the conveyor belt.
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