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Molybdenum concentrate dryers_Molybdenum concentrate drying equipment

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Molybdenum concentrate drying equipment
The molybdenum concentrates in the domestic mineral processing enterprises have been faced with the serious water and the serious agglomeration, which need to be carried out in the molybdenum concentrate. In the early stage, the rotary kiln is used for drying and dewatering, the effect is not ideal. After the main use of the chain layer dry machine for molybdenum concentrate drying. In the drying process of drying medium for direct combustion flue gas produced by the hot blast stove, resulting in molybdenum concentrate pollution; in addition equipment temperature control difficult, moisture changes caused by dry goods is large, this process will soon be eliminated The molybdenum concentrate drying drying using flash dryer and drying equipment for hollow blade molybdenum concentrate.
Hollow blade flash drier
Flash drying machine is the common hot equipment,in Silicon dioxide drying machine二氧化硅Bentonite drying equipment and so on,and it is effect to drying powder material.
The mainly parts of hollow blade flash dryers:Host,Cyclone separator,Bag filter,Fan,Hot air oven.Air after being filtered into hot air furnace heating and then filtered from the bottom of the flash air inlet into the drying chamber in the tangential direction and spiraled up;To be drying wet material from the feed inlet into the,The screw feeder under the action of uniform into the drying chamber, is arranged in the crushing chamber at the bottom of the fall. The high speed rotating blade will break into small particles of molybdenum concentrate. Molybdenum concentrate with small particles in the process of heating with hot air, heat exchange and heat exchange. Flash vaporization host machine is arranged on the top of the classifier, particle size smaller powder through the grading device for packaging processes; did not pass is fall back into flash host bottom repeated the process. Flash drying molybdenum concentrate advantage for the shorter drying time, does not appear excessive dry conditions; high thermal efficiency. At present, domestic molybdenum concentrate drying industry mainly uses flash drying equipment, the limitations of molybdenum concentrate drying equipment is high energy consumption and fine powder is easy to be leaked.
Molybdenum concentrate hollow blade drying equipment
At present, the domestic molybdenum concentrate industry use of hollow blade dryer manufacturers are not many.The heat source of the drying equipment of the molybdenum concentrate is mainly steam.The unique design of the drying chamber allows the heat loss to heat only through the insulation layer on the shell. On the heat transfer effect and the heat efficiency, the drying equipment of the molybdenum concentrate has an absolute advantage. In addition, unlike the molybdenum concentrate flash dryer is, the equipment exhaust section does not appear the phenomenon of fine powder from flying, using the way of water film dust recycling dust.You can click and browse Animation demo of molybdenum concentrate hollow blade drying equipment空心桨叶干燥机动画演示
Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) drying simulation test of molybdenum concentrate using hollow blade dryer,Summary of the dry advantage of hollow blades:
1 Low energy consumption,high energy utilization;
2 The dry effect is good, the moisture content is not higher than4%;
3 Fine powder recovery rate;
4 Equipment maintenance convenient, low maintenance rate.

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