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Drying machine for phosphorite_Method of reomve drying phosphorite exhaust gas

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Apply of phosphorite
Phosphorite what we said is defined by phosphate minerals uesed in industry.Phosphorite is one important chemical mineral raw materials.The use of phosphate rock is very wide, but it can be used to prepare phosphate fertilizer and phosphoric acid, and it has a very wide range of applications in medicine, dyes, ceramics and other industries.
Phosphate drying equipment
In the process of handle, it is need for drying and dehydration.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) the common mineral drying process was studied.Mineral spray drying equipment矿物喷雾干燥设备 which common one is one of drying equipment in our company.General drying rotary drum dryer.
Phosphorite powder drum drying equipment
Drum drying equipment is called as rotary drum drier,rotary dryer and so on,it is common one exchange heat drying machine.There are three kinds drying equipment in our company:Direct heating type,indirect heating type and compound heating.
Drying process:The wet material to be dried by means of a belt conveyer from the hopper into the drying chamber.The cylinder body of the whole drum dryer is continuously rotating.Feeding end is higher, the material end is lower.From the feed end of the phosphate rock into the device, and the hot air from the material end into contact with the wet material.Powder to the discharge end of the movement, the cylinder body is provided with the copy board, the material will raise, also increased the contact area.The dried material had been pull our,and the tail gas after cyclone separator,Finally, after removal of the electrostatic precipitator.You can browse Animation demonstration of rotary drum dryer and learn about drying phosphorite.This equipment structure as the following shown:
Phosphate drying equipment
The above picture about phosphate drying equipment.1-Hot air oven;2-Phosphate drying equipment;3-Phosphate rock hopper;4-Belt conveyer;5-Cyclone separator;6-Buffer tank;7-Electrostatic precipitator;8-Induced draft fan;
Technology for removing dust from phosphate rock
In the traffice drying equipment for phosphorite,there is no buffer tank and electrostatic precipitator.After the cyclone separator, the tail gas is sent directly into the bag filter for filtering,after pull out.The effection:
1 Low drying process,high moisture content of dried production(Final moisture content of phosphate rock).
2 The temp of drying equipment of inlet is lower than dew point,the bag filter bag is often blocked.
3 Pollution caused by dry environment.
And the use of electrostatic dust removal equipment replacement bag filter,it will increase power of exchange exhaust gas,also improved the operating environment of dry equipment.Learn about related reform of drying equipment and contact us,get free drying technologu manual!

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