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Selection of active calcium carbonate filter cake drying equipment

Time:2015-10-15  Creator:Yi Du

    Active calcium carbonate materials with strong heat sensitive, active calcium carbonate filter cake, according to its characteristics, in the selection of drying equipment need to conduct a comprehensive consideration. Experimental results show that the maximum temperature of dry activated calcium carbonate is 130 degrees Celsius, and the dry time is very short. The basic particles of active calcium carbonate are very small, and the quality is easy to float.
    Based on the drying experiment, we excluded the rotary kiln and the rake type dryer.
Drying equipment is usually used as a spray dryer. Because of the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, spray dryer has become the most ideal drying equipment in the eyes of many enterprises and drying equipment manufacturers.
    The use of spray drying equipment of filter cake before drying, it must be water beating. The purpose is to increase its liquidity, so that the pump will be delivered to the nozzle. In the flash drying technology did not enter the China, drying the filter cake is generally used in this process. If the filter cake directly spray drying, it will happen the nozzle clogging phenomenon.
    There are 3 types of spray dryer in the domestic and international dry filter cake: the air flow dryer, the pressure spray dryer and the centrifugal spray dryer. There are 3 types of spray dryer in different degree.
    Pneuamtic drying machine:It need to consume a large amount of compressed air, only small-scale production. Pressure spray dryer: the need for 2~10MPa of high pressure pump, limiting the material of the viscosity; nozzle is extremely easy to plug. Spray dryer: need to add water to dilute the filter cake, increase process.
    Due to the continuous improvement and development of flash drying technology, we will be the technology has been used in drying the activated calcium carbonate cake, fast and efficient drying characteristics, controllable temperature, etc. the advantages of meet the production process requirements, and dry yield and good drying effect.
    Choose active calcium carbonate filter cake drying equipment,choose YiDu's Flash drying machine.

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