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Lees drying machine's recommend factory-drying lees machine

Time:2015-10-15  Creator:Yi Du

    Classification of lees:
    China has a long history of wine culture, wine in the process will be a by-product of lees. Different kinds of wine, the wine lees is different. In order to better illustrate the lees drying method, we will simply divided into 3 categories:
    a Beer grains:There is a common beer, rice wine lees.This kind of material is very high, with a large amount of fibrous material (MALT skin), so in order to improve the drying rate of mechanical dehydration;
    b Liquor lees:There is a common song, lees lees, fruit grains. According to this kind of wine brewing process, exists in the wet distiller's grains are generally rice husk as bulking agent, water content of about 60%;
    c Alcohol lees:Common corn, potato alcohol, monosodium glutamate, beer yeast, fruit residue. The general presentation of paste, in the design of the dryer, the need to consider the case of material.
    Drying's purpose
    Bad contains a lot of water, easy to breed bacteria in the appropriate temperature conditions (such as beer lees). If these grains were dried, can not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, can create economic benefits for enterprises. From distiller's grains with high water content, in the drying process need to consume energy larger, but due to the lees of added value is not very high, the cost control will be more strict, in addition the dried distiller's grains and the quality requirement rather strict. How to weigh, need to think about the dryer manufacturers. So how to ensure the low energy consumption and meet the requirements of the drying process? Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty after many experiments found that the combined drying technology can be a very good solution to this problem.
    Design theory of drying machine
    The above article about Glyphosate drying machine,we also say the concept of combined drying. That is how to use the combined drying technology to lees drying process?
    We will be the lees drying process is divided into 2 stages: constant evaporation stage and deceleration evaporation stage. This division is based on the material moisture evaporation rate.
    Constant velocity evaporation: in order to further improve the drying rate, the stage needs to increase the temperature of the drying medium, so that the evaporation capacity is enlarged. We have speculated that the material will be burned at high temperature before the experiment was conducted. But after a large number of experiments to deny the conjecture, the reason for the heat is mostly used by the internal moisture of the material for evaporation, the material itself is limited, there will not be burned.
    Drop rate evaporation: when the water is reduced to a predetermined value, it is the stage for the evaporation of the drop. The heat will increase the temperature of grains, so prone to burning situation. At this stage the need for low temperature heating, or at the higher temperature instantaneous drying. The purpose is to avoid the occurrence of damage to the lees.
    The 2 stage drying lees technology, the power consumption is decreased very well, the material quality has been greatly improved.
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