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Convenient bridge line belt drying machine

Time:2015-10-15  Creator:Yi Du

    The vermicelli is very popular with the public, and it has been recorded in the literature of the edible rice noodle. Rice noodle is also called acid powder, rice. Nutrition experts through the study found that the human body is very useful in the human body of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
    Convenient rice noodle is a product that has appeared in recent years. Along with the continuous acceleration of the rhythm of people's life, the convenience of the food is also popular. Convenient rice noodle is the process of drying the rice noodle, and it is more healthy than instant noodles.
    Convenient bridge line belt drying machine
    Our company after the convenience of the line of many experiments, the use of hot air drying, microwave drying.And we choose belt drying machine,Its product quality is high, the energy consumption is low.
    The parameter and strucuture of belt drying equipment
    The shape size of the belt type drying equipment used for the convenience of the dry bridge is 4522*1500*3000.In order to facilitate the exposition, we will take the type of dryer is divided into two parts, which is the one to turn the cake. Front and rear part of belt type dryer are open 18 side. Front end of the air duct to facilitate the flow of the wind tunnel, the end of the 9 layers of transmission. Transmission device for the transmission chain, the chain of every row of the chain box is 10, each row of the chain is driven by the drive back and forth, from top to bottom through various parts of drying equipment. Movement speed of the transmission chain is regulated by the motor. We adjust the motor, making the chain speed adjustment to 0.034m/s, the operating distance of the rice cake in the belt type drying equipment is 305.28m.
    The analysis of convenient bridge line belt drying machine
    1 Through the experiment we found that the temperature, humidity, flow rate and initial moisture content of the material are mainly influenced by the quality of the rice noodle. The interior design of the dryer is embedded in the air duct, the wind speed is about 6-10m/s, the wind speed of the material is 0.6-3.5m/s, and the rear section of the device is not embedded in the air duct, and the wind speed is about 0.8-3.8m/s.
    2 The impact of the production environment: in the drying experiment, we measured the environment of the laboratory. Temperature, relative humidity, the temperature of the material inlet is about 29, and the relative humidity is 53.5%. The outlet temperature is 33, and the relative humidity is about 64.8%. We can conclude that the influence of the temperature and humidity of the rice noodle is mainly influenced by the drying equipment.
    3 Within the belt dryer there will be some areas of high temperature and low humidity or low temperature and high humidity. After this part of the material will be affected by the change of the drying curve. And this is the reason for the occurrence of the phenomenon of the rice noodle.When the amplitude of the fluctuations is more than a certain limit, the occurrence of a crack and fracture of the rice noodle can occur..
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