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Organic pigment belt drying equipment

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    The paint those after the synthesis of organic compounds known as organic pigments.Organic pigment with light, water, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, crystal stability, dispersion and hiding power. Is widely used in ink, paint, building materials and other industries In organic pigments, total 59% azo pigment Azo pigment is a kind of organic pigment used in printing and dyeing process. The most famous of these is tonyred.
    Organic pigment drying
    In the process of production of pigments, need to be treated with drying equipment Common drying: drying machine for paint spray dryer, flash dryer and dryer. The different requirements of the production process, determine the selection of different methods of drying equipment In view of the currently used azo pigment drying dryer, the drying effect is the best.
    Azo Pigment Belt Dryer
    Belt dryer in the paint drying industry has a very long history.Due to the dryer itself works limited, pigment need first by pressure filtration, before entering the dryer were preformed.Forming good or bad will determine the final drying effect.Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty after repeated test, to solid content as a molding process indicators design different forming modes.
    Azo Pigment Drying Equipment
    The organic pigment cake with water, beating, transported by pump.The molding screw selection side discharging mode, which is fixed on the reciprocating mechanism.
    Strip material molding extruder, after cloth machine under the action of uniform tile in the belt type dryer mesh belt.We need to be careful of water level.If the water level is too high will increase the load of the device, thereby increasing the energy consumption.In addition, the need to carry out the transformation of the belt dryer, mainly to increase the circulation of air, in the main engine to increase the internal air supply and air supply. The objective is to have the corresponding circulation and moisture content in different drying stages.
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