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Cryolite drying technology

Time:2015-10-15  Creator:Yi Du

    The role of cryolite
    Understand the use of cryolite, first you should know what is cryolite. The scientific name is six cryolite fluoride or sodium aluminate sodium aluminum fluoride, which is the main component of cryolite. Under normal temperature condition, it is the smaller of the white particles. The use of cryolite mainly in industry, in aluminum electrolysis as fluxing agent, in the grinding process, adding cryolite can improve the wear resistance of the grinding wheel and the life cycle. In addition, cryolite is widely used in glass anti reflective coating, enamel emulsifier, glass milky agent industry enterprises.
    Production engineering of crylite dryer
    Little cryolite naturally produced, far from satisfying the needs of the market. Cryolithionite has become the mainstream. So how to produce cryolite?At present,there are four kinds method:1 Hydrofluoric acid;2 Fluoride acid;3 Carbonation method;4 Aluminum recycling industry;5 Alkali method。在The production technology of cryolite, processing need drying stage. You need to choose what kind of dry cryolite about drying equipment
    Selection of drying machine:The product needs to ensure that the color and size requirements, it is suitable to select flash drying material. The advantages of flash drying equipment:
    1 Feeding system: choose more changeable flash dryer supporting feeding system, can meet the demands of different materials.
    2 Avoid high temperature: at the bottom of flash drying equipment set cooling device, to prevent the cryolite at the bottom due to high temperature and coking.
    3 Due to the short drying time: flash drying technology is different from other drying technology, has the advantages of high efficiency and low energy consumption. The use of dry cryolite spin flash dryer, the drying efficiency is higher, cryolite in the drying room stay for a short time. This also avoids the temperature is too high, resulting in material deterioration of the situation.
    4 Good effect of the collection system: the use of cyclone collector and bag filter can ensure the material collection to reach about 98%, to avoid the occurrence of leakage.
    Principle of drying mchine
    The air through the filter into the heating device for heating, into the bottom of the flash drying host at a certain speed to blow. Material from the feed system into the drying host, driven by a hot air, shear, blowing, floating, rotation, cryolite wet material contact with the hot air to surface area continues to expand, drying of the material increased gradually, enter a material receiving system, material weighing and other follow-up processes, unfinished stem dry wet material to the flash within the host and hot air contact.(Browse 《Simulation demonstration of flash drying machine》,you can click and learn more about the process of flash drying equipment.)
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