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Valve drying machine_Drying halves of a bean with belt drying equipment

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    What is halves of a bean
    Bean is the processing of broad bean processing. Bean sauce is a raw material, add salt, pepper, after fermentation. Watercress has play a decisive role status in Sichuan cuisine, is a native of kitchen.
    The drying method
    Fresh beans need to be dried after dehydration, to make the fermentation process for bean paste.
    The traditional natural drying is easily influenced by the climate environment, and the whole drying period is longer. The development of the industry of the processing industry has been restricted by the drying technology of old bean. With the development of drying technology in our country, more and more drying equipment is also used in the drying process. The earliest use of hot air circulation oven drying, but because of the longer drying time, and need a lot of manpower. Quickly replaced by other drying equipment. Currently in the field of processing industry, the most important is the belt type dryer.
    Belt drying machine
    Used for drying watercress with dryer structure diagram as follows:
Watercress belt dryer structure diagram
    The bean belt dryer structure diagram.1-Transmission;2-Discharging device;3-Belt type drying case body;4-Circulating air blower;5-Wet air blower;6-Mesh belt(Conveyor belt);7-Feeding device.(Browse《Belt dryer's a charging device》《Belt dryer other structures》 and 《Structure of belt conveyer belt》to understand the details of belt dryer parts!)
    The device is a multi - layer - type dryer. Stay dry bean from on the right side of the feed inlet into the belt dryer, in the distributor, tiled evenly on the conveyor belt. Under the action of the transmission device, the device can run in a belt dryer. Hot air in the circulation of the wind turbine and the role of heat exchange, evaporation of water.Wet and moisture through the exhaust fan out of the exhaust fan, drying out the material from the mouth of the material.Browse《Belt dryer flash animation》,can be seen more intuitive belt dryer work process.
    Using case:
Vegetable seed drying machine
Convenient bridge wire type dry equipment
Organic pigment drying machine

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