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Food-Grade citric acid drying machine_citric acid drying equipment

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Apply of citric acid
Citric acid, is a very important organic acid. Molecular formula is C6H8O7. Citric acid is very extensive, such as the acid agent, antioxidant, antioxidant, masking agent, feed additive. The application of citric acid is covered by industrial, food processing, cosmetic.
The drying machine
The citric acid has strong moisture absorption and deliquescence and st·rong corrosive characteristics. In the process of production of food grade need to dry it. Our company through the drying characteristics of the study, the use of fluidized bed drying equipment for a water citric acid drying.
Food grade drying equipment
With distannous citrate drying machine柠檬酸亚锡二钠 different form this kind,The bed drying equipment uses three stage drying process, that is, the use of different hot air temperature and relative humidity in the three stage. The hot air temperature of the first stage is 50℃, the relative humidity is 40%, the second and third are 40% and 80℃. The aim is to make sure that the citric acid crystallization is slowly heated.You can click and learn Animation demonstration of the vibrating fluidized bed drying equipment.
Machine failure
The crystal liquid needs to be separated from the centrifuge, and the crystal is obtained in the drying equipment. In the process of drying, the parameters need to be set reasonably. When the temperature is too low or too high humidity, drying incomplete, product moisture content is too high; when the temperature is too high or too low humidity, found hardened, the crystal surface will produce a layer of hard hinder internal moisture to evaporate. This is why some manufacturers use the crystalline fluidized bed drier, found the cause of clot.
Drying equipment in the process of the existing problems are mainly divided into the following points:
1 Flow state is not good.
The main reason is that the structure of the fluidized bed is not reasonable. Such as material around the bed, fall into the fluidized bed; flow of low speed; vibration motor without debugging is correct, deviation in the fluidized bed.
2 Output and dry quality is not stable
The output of the fluidized bed drying equipment is influenced by the weather, such as dry weather, the output is bigger, and the dry environment is too wet, it needs to be cleaned by the fluidized bed drying equipment. Can be added to the desiccant, the air humidity control in the 2.6g/kg wet air.
Product quality is not stable, the main performance is in the receiving section of the product contains over drying, color is not normal, agglomeration.
Citrate drying machine parameters
Initial moisture:1~1.5%
Final moisture requirements:no maore than 0.1%
Requirement of yield:3000Kg/h
Heaating:Saturated vapor(0.8MPa)
Inlet Temp:55~60℃ (By 55℃)
Dry exhaust temperature:50~55℃ (By 55℃)
Cooling inlet air temperature:15℃(7℃coal water,Air desiccant air temperature ≤10℃,Relative humidity φ≤50%)
Cooling air temperature:25℃
Citric acid drier
Citric acid drier
Citric acid drier equipment
Citric acid drier machine
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