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Persimmon drying machine_Persimmon vacuum freeze drying equipment

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    Variety, about 300 kinds of. China is the world's most cultivated persimmon. Persimmon contains a lot of vitamins, protein, carotene and mineral elements, by a lot of people's favorite. As a kind of seasonal fruits, the shelf life of persimmon is quite short, fresh persimmon after the wet processing made of persimmon is the main way of Persimmon has a lower blood pressure, heat Runchang efficacy, but also one of the favorite food.
    There are two kinds of artificial and natural processes in the processing of fresh persimmon. The choice of the drying machine of persimmon is more, and the drying effect is uneven. Persimmon color, taste and the nutrition of reserved for maximum, we try to using vacuum freeze dryer test, hope dried persimmon does not occur discoloration, metamorphism, stale or loss of nutrients.(about choose drying machine,our company browse 《Dry vacuum freeze drying technology of Litchi》 and 《Vacuum drying technology for different fruits》.)
    Vacuum freeze dryer parameters
    The first is to measure the eutectic point and eutectic melting point of persimmon, which is measured by the method of resistance measurement. It was found that the temperature of the temperature was increased when temperature was -11℃to -14℃, and the temperature of the -13℃ to -10℃ was decreased, and the temperature was obtained. So the pre freezing temperature of vacuum freeze drying equipment used in persimmon drying is set to -20℃ to -25℃.
    We know that the thickness of the material has a great influence on the drying efficiency. The thickness of the persimmon should be selected, and the thickness can be reduced without affecting the quality of the material, so as to improve the drying efficiency. After many times of different material thickness, we found that when the material thickness is 15mm to 10mm, the drying efficiency is higher and the quality is better. At this point, the dry rate was 95% and the freeze drying rate was about 0.54h/mm.
    The setting of the pre freezing rate is related to the recovery of persimmon. Although the rate is lower, it is beneficial to the material of the water sublimation, but also affect its recovery; and the speed of the pre freeze will result in the extension of the drying cycle, the recovery of the benefit. We combined the pre freezing temperature and thickness, and determined the pre freezing rate was 0.04h/mm.
    Equipment vacuum degree is set about 20Pa,Heating plate dimension about 25℃,Cold trap setting about -35℃.
    Through the experimental data analysis, draw the drying curve of persimmon
Vacuum freeze drying curve of persimmon
    The pircture about vacuum freeze drying curve of persimmon
    The advantages
    1 After freeze-drying, the persimmon was porous sponge, and its appearance was not changed obviously (no shrinkage phenomenon).
    2 Complex water property
    3 In the dry process of persimmon, the easy oxidation of the ingredients have been preserved, and kill a large number of bacteria, or inhibit the activity of the enzyme activity, extended its shelf life.
    4 Compared with common drying methods, the appearance, smell, taste, and fresh and fresh of the persimmon were not significantly different from the dried persimmon. This is a major advantage of vacuum freeze drying technology in the field of food drying and other drying methods.Browse detailed about 《Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum freeze drying technology
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