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Cryolite drying equipment_Cryolite flash dryers

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   Also known as the six cryolite fluoride sodium aluminate and sodium aluminum fluoride. Its use is also very broad cryolite in addition to dissolve alumina also has other indispensable nature, such as excluding than aluminum correction electrical elements, good stability, do not decompose at general conditions, non volatile, non deliquescence, melting point higher than aluminum, good conductivity and power saving and. It can be said that if there is no cryolite, the world might not have such a large aluminum industry, price is not so low, there is no such a wide range.
   For drying cryolite,the mainly as drying equipment aboutFlash dryers.Related parameters of drying of cryolite: initial moisture is about 25%; the melting point of 1000 DEG C, easy moisture absorption. Want to dry, the water can reach 1-2.5%, and the yield is 682kg/h.
   In order to scientific selection, the flash dryer used for drying cryolite calculation:
   Dry mass:G=665kg/h; Evaporation water component:W=204.6kg/h H2O ; At ambient temperature 15℃,Evaporation of water 595kcal/kg•℃,The heat of the whole system is made up of four parts:Q total =Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4.Q——Due to the support of drying material(300℃),according to the conservation of energy, the heat supplied by the drying medium is equal to the heat needed by the whole system,Required heat for QAll(kcal/h); Heat source: direct type gas stove, according to experience, can guarantee the air temperature at 300 ℃.Q1——Evaporation of water, Temp about 115-120℃; Q2——heat required for material absorption,Specific heat about 0.4 Feeding temperature about 60℃; Q3——Wet heat, take the wet temperature of 110 ℃, the amount of air required for L(kg/h); Q4-The dissipation of heat drying system ,get 15%× QAll; So:Calculation: QAll=Q1+Q2+Q3+15%QALL. Q1=129021kcal/h; Q2=12276kcal/h; Q3=22.8L; L=3998kg/h.In order to ensure the output, put 15% of the margin, therefore: the amount of air required for drying system :L=4598kg/h; Air volume at 15℃:3818m3/h; Air volume at 110℃:4987m3/h; Heat required for the whole system:QAll=31.5×104cal/h; Drying tower diameter:D=0.66 m  ; V Air tower wind speed4m/s (As usual 3-5m/shttp://sfile.baidu.com/fanyi/appdownload/download.html), Round the whole:D=0.8m; With the model of air blower:9-26-5.6A 30kw (2900r/min); Air volume:7500-8300m3/h; Air pressure:7520Pa; type:4-72-4A、5.5kw (2900r/min); Air volume:5400m3/h~6926m3/h; Air pressure:1915Pa~1459Pa.
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