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Yolk powder drying machine_Yolk powder drying equipment

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    What is yolk powder
    This is a kind of food made from fresh eggs processed by processing. With high nutrition, it can be used as the best substitute for eggs. Egg yolk powder is mainly used in the processing of cakes, sweets and biscuits.
    Yolk powder drying technology
    The drying process of yolk powder as the following shown:
    Choose→Clean&Disinfection→Shell breaking→Egg yolk separation→Blender→Enzymatic method→Filter through 160 mesh→Pasteurization→Centrifugal spray drying→Out powder→Coaling→Filter powder→Weighing and packing
    In the process of drying,Need to use spray dryer for drying. However, because the egg yolk liquid has a certain viscosity, it is difficult to use the spray dryer for drying (mainly in the process of atomization). We use spray dryer to dry the egg yolk, through a number of tests to find the best egg yolk liquid best drying parameters。
    Yolk powder spray drying machine
    1 Temperature effect: In the atomizer before, need yolk liquid after 160 mesh sieve.Heating the egg yolk liquid to 7℃、15℃、25℃ and 45℃,view atomization effect.As the following shown:
Effect of temperature on atomization effect of different egg yolk liquid
    The effect of temperature on the atomization effect of different egg yolk liquid.We found that the egg yolk liquid can be easily and can be produced in a long time after 45℃.
    2 The influence of inlet temperature and air temperature:In the process of spray drying equipment, the inlet air temperature and air temperature are one of the most important parameters in the process of spray drying.Our company as 130℃-67℃、150℃-72℃、170℃-80℃ and 190℃-90℃,Test of egg yolk powder by drying.By looking at the characteristics of odor, water content, particle state, color, solubility and other indicators, the optimal inlet air temperature and air temperature of spray dryer were summarized.Detailed results are shown in the following table:
Effects of inlet temperature and outlet temperature on the drying of protein powder
    The influence of temperature and air temperature on the drying of protein powder
    3 Atomizer speed: atomizer is spray drying unit, is one of the most important components, the rotational speed of the same atomizing disk also affect the drying effect. Our company tests the temperature of the egg yolk powder with different speeds and different egg yolk liquid to check the loose of the dried egg yolk powder and the effect of atomization. Detailed results are as follows:
Atomizer speed effect on egg yolk powder.
    The atomizer speed effect on egg yolk powder.
    Working parameters of egg yolk powder drying equipment
    After the above experiment, we set up a series of drying parameters. When the egg yolk is warm, the temperature should not exceed 50 (to avoid denaturation), and the effect is better than 45. Inlet air temperature and the air temperature is high, can effectively improve the drying efficiency, and egg yolk powder with baked bread smell very strong. But if the temperature is too high will make the solubility of egg yolk powder is reduced, and the cause of oozy fat oxidation reaction. The setting of the inlet air temperature and the air temperature of the egg yolk liquid spray dryer needs to be combined with the specific quality requirements of the product. The higher the speed of atomizer, can obtain more yolk powder particles. If you need to get a porous, fluffy large particles of egg yolk powder, can be appropriate to reduce the speed of the nozzle (too low speed will lead to blockage phenomenon).
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