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Ternary drying machine_LiNixCoyMn1-x-yO2 drying equipment

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Ternary Battery
Battery cathode material is mainly cobalt acid lithium, capacity is limited. With the continuous upgrading of electronic digital products, its life requirements are gradually increased, which requires the battery capacity is large enough. The traditional cobalt acid lithium battery costs higher, increasing capacity will be accompanied by danger. Recently, the news that the mobile phone battery exploded frequently, causing the concern of the society. Three yuan material is a new type of battery materials, the main components of nickel cobalt lithium manganate. The reason is known as three yuan material, mainly because of the precursor of three yuan composite cathode material for cobalt salt, nickel salt, manganese salt. Three yuan material as the positive battery has high security performance, especially the capacity of the larger three yuan battery safety performance is higher. In addition, the low cost of the battery, is currently the most promising material.
Ternary drying machine
Drying process is one of the most important processes in the production of three yuan. Drying equipment choice is right or not will affect the LiCoxNiyMnzO2 product quality and production cost. The combination of the three elements in the precursor of the material can be known, in the process of drying of three yuan, the need to consider the material drying characteristics, drying equipment investment, product requirements, etc.. Because of the large amount of moisture content in the battery material, and it is relatively loose. In the process of drying equipment selection need to pay attention to the thermal efficiency. In addition to the quality requirements of the three yuan to ensure that the content of its iron ions for us to carry out three yuan of material drying equipment selection and manufacture of a problem.Our company combinate Cobalt salt dryingNickel concentrate drying machine、and Manganese sulfate drying machine,a conclusion is put forward to deal with the material of three yuan by using disc dryer.
LiNixCoyMn1-x-yO2 drying equipment
The earliest drying equipment for drying of the three elements is the hot air circulation oven. The drying mode is: three yuan of material to be dried tile on the drying plates, drying plate is placed on the car. An oven generally has 2 cars, a number of dry plate placed on it. Three yuan material depends on the hot air in the oven for drying, when the specified time is reached, it needs to be manually turned over or discharged. With the continuous improvement of domestic drying technology, there are three yuan in the kiln. Three yuan material furnace is mainly used rotary kiln drying equipment, its output is larger, but also greatly shorten the drying cycle. But in the dry process of three yuan will be very serious metal pollution, product quality has been damaged. The microwave drying process of these faults has also emerged, but the investment and production cost of the equipments are also increased. So the microwave drying equipment of three yuan materials has not been developed.as the develop of drying equipment Formaldehyde pom drying machineSilica powder drying machine硅微粉Desulfurization gypsum drying machineBarium sulfate drying equipment and Cyanide acid dryers氰尿酸 and so on,our company has found a new model of three yuan dry material:as disc drying machine the mainly!
Battery material disc dryer
The structure of disc dryer is shown as following:
Ternary drying machine
The picture about equipment.The working principle:Initial moisture about 10%,from the feed inlet into the disc drying equipment.The feeding process is mainly composed of conveying equipment, charging equipment. The drying medium of the disc dryer is saturated with water vapor. The size of different types of dry plate alternate arrangement, three yuan from the top into the drying chamber, followed by a dry plate, and finally from the bottom of the discharge port.You can click and browse Animation of disc drying machine盘式干燥机动画.Three yuan material disc drying equipment inside the host is composed of dry disc, harrow, harrow arm, spindle etc.. In the drying process, the drying plate is stationary, the material under the action of constant movement in harrow. While the heating of the dry plate can be transferred to the heat of three yuan of material moisture content, evaporation of its water.
The advantages
Choose disc drying machine to dry ——Ternary.The advantages:
1 Equipment thermal efficiency is high, running smoothly;
2 Low energy consumaption;
3 Closed operation, no leakage of powder;
4 There are no damage;
5 Short drying time,low labor intensity.

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