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Chicken Essence Dryer Machine_Beltline of Chicken Essence Dryer Machine

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    Chicken Essence Dryer Machine
    Chicken essence is the necessary for every family.Its main ingredients are glutamic acid, salt, sugar, chicken, foam.Use the chicken cooking dishes taste delicious, nutritious, and very easy to use, has replaced the trend of salt.There are data that domestic chicken production is not high, about 100000 tons, and can not meet the requirements.Increase production is a difficult problem in the chicken production enterprises urgently need to solve.The main production process of chicken essence can be summarized as follows:Crush - mixing - granulating = drying and screening - packaging.Chicken production mainly by traditional granulating machine, drying machine, mixing machine, dryer and other small devices.Equipment investment is large, and the production cycle is longer. With the continuous improvement of the technology of drying, drying chicken also has a new development. For the special production line of chicken chicken precision building is currently the largest producer of choice.
    Chicken Essence Dryer Equipment
    1 Production of chicken essence mix the hole technology together,The crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening, perfuming process completely into the chicken production line. Simplify the process, avoid too many small equipment to produce a long production cycle phenomenon.
    2 The scientific control parameters, good drying effect and energy saving The use of chicken production line, the dry component is a fluidized bed dryer for different stages of the chicken, can adopt different parameters: drying pretreatment -- high pressure and low air volume; dry -- low pressure and high air volume; cooling section -- high air quantity. In the pretreatment process to ensure moisture content high of chicken granule in full flow state, to facilitate the subsequent drying operation; in drying section of high pressure and low flow rate, the maximum improve drying rate, to ensure uniform drying, in order to follow the packaging process, in the cooling section will be the material temperature is reduced to the standard temperature.
    3 Meet quality requirements, clean sanitation. The whole process is completed in a closed environment, ensure the chicken is not contaminated, achieve food QS standard
    Beltline of Chicken essence Drying Machine
    In the face of the different requirements of production, design of chicken production line is different. The main difference lies in the drying section of the device selection. Fluidized bed dryer as drying section of the component is common there with dryer, bubbling fluidized bed drier for drying section of chicken production line. How dry good at making drying scheme according to different materials with different properties, the chicken is all so.If you need,please call us :Tel:13809072359

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