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Squid drying equipment_Squid foot plate vacuum freeze drying equipment

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    Nutritive value of squid
    Squid is called as sleeve-fish.In the strict sense, the squid is not a fish, it is a kind of animal that grows in the sea.The nutritional value of the squid is very high, in addition to a large number of proteins and human needs of various amino acids, as well as a large number of taurine. The human body also has the inhibition effect of cholesterol content, to relieve fatigue, improve liver function, protect eyesight and other aspects of good performance. The Chinese say, squid is nourishing Yin, no moisturizing effect.
    The production in Bohai Straits is famous in world.Because of the deep processing has always been a more diverse, we often go to the squid, squid, squid, and so is the fresh due to the special process through processing. Which is the most popular among the people, but because of the different squid and other products, with a long processing cycle, the traditional processing technology to bring more serious nutritional loss, etc.. Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty with years of abroad experience and the latest technology, proposed the use of vacuum freezing dryer for squid foot drying.
    Choose vacuum freeze drying equipment to dry squid
    Raw materials were frozen, and the frozen squid was cleaned and segmented after thawing. After the pretreatment of the squid foot into the drift of the hot press, which set the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, about 13 minutes. Due to the different processing capacity of different devices, so the temperature and the time to be fine tuned to ensure that the central temperature of the squid is more than 63 degrees celsius. After the bleaching, the squid is sent to the cooling machine, and it can be used to dry the surface moisture when the temperature drops to 15℃. After removal of surface water, the squid is placed in the freezing chamber, and the temperature is found to be in accordance with the processing capacity, and the central temperature of the product is below -10℃ . After the above steps, the raw material needs to be carried out in the seasoning process, the squid into the immersion solution for 4 hours. Remove tray. 双语对照
    Squid foot vacuum freeze drying equipment
    The total disk will be installed into a vacuum freezing dryer in drying.The process can be browse《Persimmon vacuum freeze drying equipment》.
    The squid is dry in the environment of low temperature and low pressure, and the water is directly sublimation to water vapor. This makes the protein, vitamins and fat in the squid have been better protected, preserved the flavor of squid. After the experiment, we also found that the use of vacuum freeze dryer after treatment with a good appearance of the squid and the complex water, is the best drying equipment for drying squid.
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