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Ferric oxide dryers_iron oxide red drying machine

Time:2015-10-17  Creator:Yi Du

    Iron oxide is our common rust. The presence of iron in the presence of low carbon and oxygen in the air. We are constantly refining the purity of the metal, and continuously improve the oxidation of metal, but also found that iron oxide has a very wide range of use. Mainly in the paint: iron oxide is common red, can be used in paint, rubber, plastics, construction and other coloring; ferrite core: for the electronic industry, communication machine, television, computer and other magnetic raw materials and line output transformer, switching power supply and its high UQ and high U. In order to get to our drying process of ferric oxide. Select the appropriate drying equipment for drying of ferric oxide, is the focus of this article. First, we look at some of the basic parameters of iron oxide, in order to carry out the dry operation:
     Original temperature:15℃(According envirement);Temp of inlet :150-260℃(As 180℃);Temp of out let 75~85℃(As 0℃);Temp of production about 50℃.According to 《What is the drying constant》,we can get some prarmeter below:Evaporation of waterGwater =148kg/h Yield of finished productWp≈400kg /h;Raw material supply G≈498kg/h;Water evaporation heat Q1≈9.2X104kcal/h;Material heating Q2≈2500kcal/h;Heat dissipation of equipment Q3≈1.4X104kcal/h;System required air quantity L≥4760Kg/h;System requires total heat Qtotal=1.83X105Kcal/h;Discharge air humidity d=d0+Wsteam/L=0.038kg/Kg;Discharge air moisture content corresponding dew point t2W≈39℃
     Analyisc   (t2 - t2W)= 54℃≥20℃,in the process of condensation will not air emissions,accord with drying principle.
      We choose XSG-6 cyclone flash drying equipment to dry iron oxide red.In order to dry the material better, we are equipped with dust removal device for flash dryer,they are:The cyclone separator material receiving and high voltage pulse bag type dust collector.We should get flash dryer temperature be control,temp of inlet:t1=140~260℃,outlet t2=75-85℃,to ensure the quality of material.
     To drying material,it need to carry out special design process,to ensure the drying technology meet dryers material.If you need drying material,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359.Our workshop with the machine is equipped with flash drying equipment test, convenient for you to choose.
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