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Collagen protein feed drying machine_collagen protein powder dryers

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Collagen protein feed drying machine_collagen
There are two kinds of drying machine during feed drying technology,just Flake feed drying equipment and Powder drying equipment颗粒饲料.The common feed drying machine is Feed yeast drying machine and Aquatic feed drying equipment.The mainly share is collagen protein feed producted by collagen of waste leather!The raw material of collagen is leather,after series drying process,protein liquid will be exchange,Then add a certain proportion of the carrier (Such as malt) and the effective ingredients can produce a high protein feed product.As the process is to use waste materials as raw material, and the product quality is higher, it is a kind of feed product which is worth to be popularized!
Similar to other feed processing techniques, collagen protein feed drying is one of the most important processes in the whole process. But due to the feed containing a certain proportion of collagen, with the increase of the concentration of protein, its viscosity is gradually increased (our measurement data show that when the concentration of protein is 47%, the viscosity is about 72 square meters per second, and with the increase of concentration of 58%, the viscosity increase of 251 square meters / s, increasing the concentration of protein and its viscosity does not change!). Collagen feed drying process requires that the initial moisture content of 35% (the concentration of the protein is about 42%) to dry into the final moisture of 8% of the product. From the above mentioned, in the process of drying, it is in the range of gradually increasing viscosity. How to avoid the problem of the agglomeration or sticky wall in the dry process of collagen protein feed is the first problem to be solved!
Collagen powder drying equipment
I chose the flash dryer and air dryer were simulated production test of collagen powder dry. The flash drying equipment for collagen powder drying process can meet the technical requirements of the collagen powder, but its high cost of drying, apparently does not apply with the collagen powder dry!
Airflow drying equipment is the material suspended in the drying tube for drying the materials, and flash drying equipment, the energy consumption is low.At present the pneumatic drying equipment had been common one in Boric acid drying machineDicalcium phosphate dryersPentaerythritol drying equipmentTeflon PTFE drying machine聚四氟乙烯.And as collagen powder drying equipment, compared with the traditional air drying equipment is different!
Collagen protein feed strengthen pneumatic drying equipment
The process of using the collagen feed to strengthen the air flow dryer is the process of drying the material in this way: the air passes through the filter and enters the cyclone along the inlet duct, and the air flow is formed in the dry pipe. Hot air scouring the inner wall of the crushing chamber and gradually to strengthen the air flow drying tower, and the collagen feed wet material for contact. Hot air and wet material and flow movement, and continuous heat and mass transfer, collagen feed to evaporate water. When moving to the top of the tower, the flow velocity decreases, the material will fall into the cyclone drier, and the dry material is suspended in the equipment. The device structure is shown below:
Collagen protein feed drying machine
the above picture about collagen protein powder dryers,1-Feed inlet equipment;2-Cyclone;3-Crush;4-Strength pneuamtic drying town;5-Cyclone dryers;6-Close air blower;7-Cyclone sparator;8-Induced draft fan;
Our company carried out test as the feed drying equipment,and ensure the drying equipment to dry collagen powder.Our company can be remove the water contain degree about 27%,and the temp is 200℃.It is more davantages than other drying equipment!

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