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Zirconium silicate drying technology_Zirconium silicate flash dryers

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    Zirconium silicate drying technology:
    Molecular formula is ZrSiO4,with higher refractive index, stable chemical properties and better high temperature resistance.It is widely used in the ceramics do whitening effect.In addition to precision casting, color picture tube, float glass manufacturing is also widely used in.
    There are two kinds method to dry material:Wet and dry.Where wet process is the main production process, dry process due to its high energy consumption, noise is too large, the problem of the use of the method of this kind of method. The process flow is as follows: the use of zirconium sand as raw material, adding grinding aids into grinding, grinding, get the material slurry for magnetic separation, classification, drying, crushing, get Zirconium Silicate Superfine powder.
    Flash drying machine for zirconium silicate
    In the process of drying material,our years of experience summary, need to consider:Use of energy consumption of drying equipment and disposal of dust.We recommend to use flash dryers to dry zirconium silicate
    Flash dryer is in recent years by foreign counterparts invented the new drying technology was introduced into china. The device the postganglionic fluidization and airflow drying characteristics, the slurry, filter cakes and paste like materials have good drying effect.
    The drying process
    Air through the filter in the role of the blower into the hot air stove heating.After heating the air enters the drying host. Due to the special design of the air inlet, the hot air produced a rotation. The material from the spiral feeder into the drying host, is set in the host is the crushing crushing device. Under the action of the force and the high speed rotating air flow, the impact, shear and friction of the main engine are in the air. The whole drying process is almost instantaneous. After drying the zirconium silicate powder is collected by the cyclone.You can learn detail through《Animtion demo of flash drying machine
    The advantages
    1 All the process can be design accord to maker,less land area,you can learn《Layout drawing of flash drying equipment
    2 After flash drying after the material status to avoid powder, after crushing, screening and other procedures, reduce the cost of equipment.
    3 Good drying effect, the cost of grain size uniformity. After several measurements we found that the water content was more consistent. The color of the material will also be kept to the maximum extent.
    4 Set up the cyclone separator and the two - level recycling system of the bag filter, and avoid the leakage of the material.
    5 According to their own situation to choose different heat source. We calculated the energy consumption per ton of coal consumption per ton of coal consumption by using the energy consumption per ton of coal in the coal stove.
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