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Molecular sieve reviving drying machine_Molecular sieve reviving dryers

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    Molecular sieve reviving driers
    Our company(Chang Zhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.) professional design and manufacture all kinds of drying equipment,in the industry of drying machine,we can carried out partner's innovation and practice,如Modified molecular sieve drying machine.At first we had research it.Y type molecular sieve drying machine and Superstable molecular sieve drying machine.At present, our company design and manufacture of molecular sieve drying equipment has been running for third years, running smoothly, in the process of technological upgrading can also meet the requirements of production. Recently, we have a deep cooperation with a large scale molecular sieve regeneration enterprise, the design of molecular sieve regeneration dryer is currently the largest domestic output, water evaporation is one of the largest equipment. Welcome to consult our company, order molecular sieve regeneration dryer!
    Molecular sieve reviving drying equipment
    General molecular sieve regeneration process is mainly used for drying of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide drying need to use a large number of molecular sieve adsorption, in molecular sieve sucked moisture to cycle applications require the use of molecular sieve regeneration technology (molecular sieve moisture content above 20 ppm, molecular sieve absorption performance loss). At present, carbon dioxide drying equipment will include A, B two towers, A tower, a tower of molecular sieve regeneration and desorption, the cycle of repeated regeneration cycle operation. At present, molecular sieve regeneration is the main method of electric heater heating steam, high temperature steam into the dryer, the molecular sieve regeneration activity, but high temperature steam cooling will become water, causing incomplete due to the drawbacks of the regeneration process caused more, our company in many times after test, regeneration drying equipment has been redesigned the structure of molecular sieve: use the fan to blow air into the electric heater, the electric heater for heating of air, a high temperature gas, then the molecular sieve drying tower to lose activity, the molecular sieve in the drying tower desorption regeneration; on the other hand, but also through the power control of electric heater to adjust the temperature, the drying tower, to the regeneration of zeolite desorption effect; high temperature steam and dry air to replace the existing practice, the molecular sieve regeneration desorption more thoroughly.
    Molecular sieve reviving drying equipment
    In the molecular sieve regeneration drying equipment, a fan and an electric heater are added, and the outlet of the blower is connected with the inlet of the electric heater, and the outlet of the electric heater is connected with the air outlet of the drying tower A and the B of the drying tower. In the use of the process, the electric heater can adjust the device as well as the adjustment of the valve to achieve temperature control. Our company has several experiments show that the temperature of the electric heater is about 300℃, and the molecular sieve regeneration efficiency is higher. Drying equipment outlet temperature is higher than 120℃, (molecular sieve adsorption regeneration, complete recovery), then turn off the fan and electric heater

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