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Chromium series paint drying machine_Chromium series paint flash drying equipment

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    Chromium series pigments are classified as inorganic pigment. Unlike organic pigment, inorganic pigment has strong light resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance. Chrome pigment is mainly composed of chromate. Lead chrome yellow, red chrome molybdenum, antirust pigment. Currently, it is widely used in plastic, rubber and printing ink industry common chrome pigment.
    Drying chromium series paint equipment
    In the process of producing chromium series pigment, it is necessary to carry out the drying process. Our company is recommended as the main flash dryer drying chrome pigment.
    Spin flash dryer is called fast dryer, is currently one of the most popular drying equipment. The equipment is powerful, and the drying, crushing and classification is one of the organic combination of the technology, the technology of the flow, the technology of the cyclone, the classification of the technology, the technology of the jet and the heat transfer technology. Have a good ability to adapt to the high viscosity, heat sensitive materials, paint pigments on the cake drying has a larger advantage.
    Spin flash dryer's working principle and structure
    Like above《Working principle of flash dryers》,Flash dryer is mainly through the materials after crushing, in high-speed rotation of the heat in the air, shear, collision, friction, water evaporation and crushing.
    The structure of flash drying equipment as following shown:
The structure of flash drying equipment
    Among,1-Air filter; 2-Air blower; 3-Heater; 4-Screw feeding machine; 5-Flash drying machine host; 6-Cyclone separator machine; 7-Collecting bin; 8-Bag filter; 9-Induced draft fan.
    Parameter determination:
    Product moisture / final moisture: 30%/≤1; Output requirements: 360kg/h; Volume per hour: 475kg/h
    Evaporation of water: 270kg/h; Temp of inlet and outlet: 145℃/80℃; Air consumption: 90m³/h.
    Air supply air: 13800m³/h; Draft fan: 19000m³/h.
    Flash drying tower diameter / height: 1.2m/3.8m
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