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Bean powder drying machine_Bean powder drying equipment

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        Bean powder drier
        Pea meal processing need to drying equipment in the process of the pea meal drying dehydration.The whole drying process can be divide:choose→clean→bake→soaking→pulping separation→change→colloid mill→homogenizer→vacuum concentration→drying.The baking process, need to pea under the temperature of 140 ℃ baking 7 minutes. Finally in the drying stage, pea meal drying equipment used to spray drying machine as the primary drying machine, ultimately meet the requirements of the moisture content of pea meal one.
        Bean powder drying machine
        Above article like Green bean powder drying machine,Also have mentioned pea meal drying equipment selection. Traditional pea meal dryer low capacity, the problem such as high energy consumption, health not up to standard. These have greatly restricted the pea meal to expand the scale of production. Our company according to the characteristics of pea meal drying, and drying equipment design and manufacturing experience, our company use the spray drying equipment as the main equipment of pea meal drying dehydration, took a fancy to spray drying equipment is mainly high drying rate, low energy consumption, and accords with GMP standard.
        Drying bean powder equipment
        n the process of drying pea meal, before entering the pea meal drying equipment of material for the slurry material, in order to meet the requirements of the moisture content of pea powder, my company has carried on the contrast test for many times, finally obtained the pea meal drying equipment drying parameters: inlet air temperature of 140 ℃, the outlet air temperature control at 75 ℃ is the most efficient. The pea meal drying equipment principle of work is as follows: after the filtered air in electric heater heating, enter in pea meal drying chamber at the top of the hot air distributor, through the hot air distributor of hot air evenly into the drying chamber, and a spiral rotation, and pea meal feeding liquid is placed in pea meal to the drying chamber at the top of the centrifugal atomizer, peas material liquid is sprayed into tiny fog droplets, make the material liquid significantly increased surface area of contact with the hot air, moisture evaporate quickly, within a very short time to dry pea meal one, coarser pea meal due to drying chamber at the bottom of the barrel recycling collection, finer pea meal by the conical part of the pipeline to the cyclone separator, and by the set of collected at the bottom of the cyclone separator cartridge recycling, waste gas discharge by centrifugal fan.
        Bean powder drying machine
        To customer operation in pea meal appear in the process of the drying equipment type selection, our company is equipped with a complete set of pea meal dryer experimental prototype, small batch of pea meal can be dry test, see the effect of dry pea meal and then make a decision device models.You can learn detailed form contact us,Tel:13809072359!
Bean powder dryers
Bean powder drying equipment
Bean powder drying machine

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