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Magnesium sulfate monohydrat drying equipment_Magnesium sulfate monohydrat dehydration

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    Apply of magnesium sulfate monohydrat
    Magnesium sulfate monohydrat the femular is MgSO4·H2O.Finished magnesium sulfate monohydrat is white and gray white production,and soluble in water.As the mainly with food addition for feed.At the same time it can be used for chemical fertilizer,also it can be used in part of releasing area and soil region.And content of magnesium sulfate monohydrat about 16%.
    Drying equipment for magnesium sulfate monohydra
    In the process of product magnesium sulfate monohydra,The drying method:dehydrated six crystal water from epsom salt,and get finished production.The dfficult point is remove crystal wate,in addition,drying material,it can not be agglomeration, moisture is not uniform.Our company recommend ——BFB fluidized bed dryer.
    BFB fluidized bed dryer for drying magnesium sulfate monohydrat
    The structure as the following shown.
The structure of BFB fluidized bed dryers
    Among ①Subject; ②Feed port; ③Outlet; ④Mirror; ⑤Discharging port; ⑥Air inlet; ⑦Pressure bellows
    Fluidized bed drying principle: air passing through the filter after heating, in under the action of wind machine into fluidized bed at the bottom of the uniform pressure bellows, after the distribution of valve plate by the distributing plate into drying chamber. The material enters the drying chamber from the feed inlet, under the action of the hot air, the boiling state is gradually formed. Material and air in full contact, gradually dried into the product to meet the requirements.
    The advantages:
    1 The gas solid phase is fully mixed, the heat transfer is enhanced, and the temperature of the bed is also more uniform.
    2 Good drying efficiency, production capacity.
    3 Equipment structure is simple, the life is longer.
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