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Alcoholic liquor drying machine

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    The importance of alcoholic liquor dryers
    The production of ancoholic get more attention by others.During the process of drying ancohol,The treatment of alcoholic liquor has been a headache for many companies. Such as unreasonable treatment, alcohol bad liquid will have a greater impact on the environment, because of the difficulty of the drying of alcohol, the difficulty of drying, and the value is not high. These are all limited to the development of alcohol's bad fluid drying. Select the appropriate drying equipment for processing draff fluid will be the key to solve these problems.
    Selection of drying equipment
    The characteristics of draff fluid material is at the beginning of high moisture content, particle size distribution, viscosity. The early use of a fixed bed dryer, the device requires a lot of manpower. Due to its low drying rate, poor drying effect, the larger labor intensity, and other issues, has been eliminated by the industry. Subsequently emerged in the fixed bed dryer drying equipment, such as the constant current circulating dryer, adsorption dryer, heat pump dryers life cycle is very short. With the continuous development of drying technology in China, the wide use of rotary drum dryer has solved the problem of the drying of the material.
    The drying process of ancohol
    1 Preparing stages:Will be dry material from the feed inlet into the drying equipment, drying process parameters. Set the related parameters (temperature, wind speed, and time) of each partition.
    2 Running drum drying machine.Due to the movement of material dryer uniform with waterfall throwing movement. Heat transfer of material by hot air. Evaporation of alcohol in the water.
    3 Finish drying.The parameters set in the first stage determines the whole drying time. When the set time is reached, the buzzer of the drum dryer is issued. The staff started dumping system, equipment of the motor under the action of the material poured from the discharge port.
    4 The related parameter.
    The notice point
    1 Energy consumption problem: because of the high water content of alcohol bad liquid itself. Use of rotary drum dryer, the need for higher temperature of the inlet air to ensure that the drying effect, so that the heat consumption is more unfavorable. I use waste gas recovery system, the temperature is higher than the wind temperature recycling, in order to ease the problem of energy consumption.
    2 The problem of bonding: we find a rule that when the water content of the alcohol is higher than 50%, it will be the case. The main is bonded into blocks or sticky, and the feeder tube equipment and indoor wall collision. Therefore, in the design and manufacture of rotary drum dryer need to ensure that the contact parts of the material is smooth and sealed in the production process of the material to be completed in a timely manner to complete the packing of the material.
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