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Potassium chloride drying machine_Potassium chloride drying equipment

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Potassium chloride is a kind of common chemical products, which is mainly used in inorganic industry and medicine. Is the basic raw material for the manufacture of various potassium salts, such as potassium hydroxide, potassium sulfate, potassium chlorate etc.. In the field of medicine, as long as the use of potassium chloride as raw materials, the production of drugs is mainly for the treatment of potassium deficiency symptoms. Of course, potash fertilizer is a common fertilizer, as a raw material made of potash fertilizer for crops has a very good help. The market demand is more and more huge, the yield and quality of potassium chloride is higher. Lianyungang Xi Han Industrial Co. Ltd is a specialized enterprise of potassium chloride. In the improvement of the quality of potassium chloride, increase the production of potassium chloride production problems, thinking for a long time, and finally from the drying process of potassium chloride, and finally achieved the planned target. What is the improvement of the process of potassium chloride drying? Why increase production and improve the quality of the other high?
In the past, the drying equipment of potassium chloride drying is a roller or a vacuum dryer. In the case of small amount of processing, it can ensure production, but with the continuous increase of yield, dry rate is low, high energy consumption has been exposed. So when the drying of the degree of difficulty to communicate with customers, decided according to its characteristics (product requirements, technical requirements and production requirements determine the choice of fluidized bed dryer for drying of potassium chloride.
According to the communication, the size of the fluidized bed dryer was designed in 6X0.75. And according to the requirements of the process, the potassium chloride material in the drying time and so on to do a limit, making the product of the potassium chloride to the fluidized bed drying out the material has qualified quality assurance. In energy saving, our company has carried out many improvements to the drying equipment of potassium chloride, according to the situation of the field, to carry out the multiple use of energy, to ensure the maximization of resource utilization.
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Potassium chloride dryer
Potassium chloride dryers
Potassium chloride drying equipment
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