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Peas drying machine_Pease drying equipment_Garden peas vacuum freeze drying machine

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Drying technology of bean
Peas is loved by people leisure snacks, pea, also known as the green peas, Lima bean, bean and so on. Peas contain a large number of human body needs nutrients, such as protein, vitamins and trace elements. It is reported that pea can have the effect of lowering cholesterol. Is the largest country in the global pea planting area in our country, produces about 5 million tons of peas, occupy about 40% of global production. In the face of a large number of pea production, caused greater difficulties for deep processing. In the process of peas, drying process is a very important link, influence the final quality of peas.
Pease drying equipment
The surface of the peas again thicker cutin, in the process of drying can prevent internal moisture to outside migration. If the snow peas drying equipment selection error to cause excessive drying or drying not completely! Snow peas drying equipment has become the peas in the process of production and processing is one of the important one link.Our company can compare with other technology about Lichi drying machineSquid drying machine and Olive dryers橄榄,dry peas for digital modeling and simulation experiment, using vacuum freeze drying equipment to dry snow peas!Ps:See Green beans drying equipment,Also can be applied to pea drying process, for details, please contact with our company!
Garden peas vacuum freeze drying machine
Vacuum freeze drying equipment can be called as freezing machine,it is new type drying machine.The principle of vacuum freeze drying equipment is to stay dry Lima bean frozen in a cold environment, its internal moisture completely frozen into ice crystals, after heating to the vacuum cryogenic environment, the ice crystals directly sublimation of water vapor, to achieve the purpose of drying.
In dry process, the Lima bean precool temperature should be set in - below 30 ℃, frozen after 1 hour to ensure internal water is frozen peas. Into the drying chamber in 50 minutes after the drying temperature rise to 60 ℃, and keep the temperature for 12 hours. The last move to natural cooling to room temperature environment 4 hours. When the temperature fell to 45 ℃ Lima bean weighing and packing can be made.

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