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Distiller's Grain drying machine_Grain Stillage superheated steam drying equipment

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    Alcohol Lees drier
    There are long history about alcohol in China,domestic wine production increased year by year,and followed by a large amount of alcohol.If alcohol is bad not to use, not only will cause environmental pollution, but also a waste of resources.Through drying ancolhol lees,and it can help it be useful.Our company carried out research the character of ancohol lees,we had shared《Cassava lees flash dryers》、《Beer lees drying machine》、《Ancohol stillage drying machine》 and 《Ancohol drying equipment》 and so on,through the drying method of different kinds of alcohol is described in detail.
    Grain Stillage superheated steam drying equipment
    It is new technology at present,above about 《The advantages of superheated steam drying equipment》.Superheated steam drying equipment is used to heat the material to be used to heat exchange, evaporation moisture, to achieve the effect of drying. The device with the traditional hot air drying compared to lower energy consumption, the drying effect is better (dry product surface does not appear hard shell), more security.
    In the above article, it is mainly through the common drying equipment for alcohol bad drying.This article about drying equipment——Grain Stillage superheated steam drying equipment,its equipment structure is shown as following:
Grain Stillage superheated steam drying equipment
    Above about Grain Stillage superheated steam drying equipment.Among 1-Steam generator; 2-Pressure gauge; 3-Safety valve; 4-Valve; 5-Resistance wire; 6-Voltage regulator; 7-Rotor flow meter; 8-Thermometer a; 9-Host; 10-Scales; 11-Thermometer b; 12-Feeding trum; 13-Platform.
    This equipment is our companies' sample equipment,so it will be different form oractical using equipment.
    Through the parameter collected by meter.There are three stage:preheating and drying section, constant speed drying section and reducing drying section.When the temp is increasing,we can improve efficiency of drying.We should shorten the drying time,and we can increasing the srying speed rate.
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