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Caustic soda drying machine_Caustic soda drying equipment_Natrium hydroxydatum hollow blade drying m

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    Caustic soda drying machine
    It is called as caustic soda,natrium hydroxydatum and sodium hydroxide,it is a very common chemical, with a very wide range of uses, is used in paper, dyes, chemical, weaving, food processing industry. In the process of producing sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide is needed to be dry, because of the special nature of sodium hydroxide, the process of sodium hydroxide is needed to avoid the temperature is too high, and the wall and the agglomeration is needed. Our company has rich experience in the process of sodium hydroxide drying, in the choice of sodium hydroxide drying equipment, we recommend using the hollow blade dryer for sodium hydroxide drying.
    Caustic soda drying equipment
    Through our company's understanding of the relevant parameters of caustic soda, at 80℃-120℃, caustic soda material liquid is a good liquidity, this time into the caustic soda drying equipment is more appropriate, can be the content of water 50% caustic soda dry goods, the whole process of caustic soda drying process to achieve automatic generation, avoid because of the strong corrosive caused by unnecessary danger.
    Natrium hydroxydatum hollow blade drying machine
    The drying equipment used in caustic soda drying process is on the basis of hollow blade dryer, according to characteristics of caustic soda dry for reconstruction design and. Caustic soda drying method, which belongs to the indirect heating, namely drying medium not caustic soda material direct contact (heating medium jacket heat transfer to the blade, through the blade heat transfer). Caustic soda drying equipment structure simple said is in the cylinder body is provided with a clamp sleeve and caustic soda dryer inside the host of the hollow shaft is provided with a plurality of hollow wedge blade, in the drying process and need to pass into a certain amount of hot air to drying in the drying process of water vapor. Caustic soda drying process is: through the feeding device of caustic soda from the feed inlet into drying equipment internal non-stop rotation of the blade of the continuous outlet to move in the process of caustic soda in the wet material by blade and jacket heat and evaporation, and ultimately from the discharge port of discharge. The blades continuously stirring, making caustic soda wet material and wall and blade uniform contact effect but also to speed up the transfer. In addition, the blade design of the wedge, also makes the whole operation of the process to increase the movement of the material, to further improve the drying rate.
    Caustic soda drying equipment
    The use of hollow paddle drying equipment to dry caustic soda is feasible, we summarize the advantages of caustic soda dryer, as follows:
    1 Equipment structure is compact, the device occupies a small area.
    2 High thermal efficiency.
    3 Self purification ability, can improve the heat transfer.
    4 Low energy consumption.
    5 Suitable for other material drying.
    The picture of drying equipment
Sodium hydroxide drying machine

Caustic soda dryer

Caustic soda dryers

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