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Snap bean drying machine_Green bean drying equipment

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        Green bean dryers
        Green bean is called as the snap bean,it is one of the most common vegetables. In the process of Sauteed Green Beans deep processing required for the drying and dewatering. Our company has very rich experience in the field of beans dry,we had design many machine about Green bean dryersCoofee bean drying machine and so on.In Sauteed Green Beans drying engineering company, I recommend the use of Sauteed Green Beans drying belt type drying equipment.
        Green bean dryers
        In the drying system before the moisture content of beans, is about 25%, the final water content requirements below 15%. According to the theory of kidney bean, dry calculation, the inlet air temperature of about 75℃, air temperature of about 90 DEG C, exhaust temperature and humidity about 45℃, select heat conducting oil heat exchanger as the heat source. Or use electric heating, hot air stove, to ensure the heat.
        The size of green bean is 18m(L)×3m(W)×3.5m(H),and the drying length is about 18m,weight about 2m,drying area about 108㎡.Avarge evaporation about 640~850kg/h!
        Below I for design and manufacture of green beans drying equipment, if you want to learn more about the technical details of kidney bean, dry, can contact with my company.Tel:13809072359
Snap bean drying machine
Green bean dryers
Green bean drying equipment

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