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ZnO drying&dehydrating machine_nanometer flash drying machine

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    Apply of zinc oxide
    We also called zinc oxide as nanometer,it is a new type of multifunctional inorganic materials. The particle size of nano ZnO is very small, in the range of 1-100nm. Nanometer zinc oxide is widely used in rubber, ceramics, textile, feed and other fields.
    The drying technology
    At present, wet chemical method is adopted in the domestic production.The zinc is soon to be treated with zinc and zinc, and then through the purification of impurities, precipitation, drying, and eventually get the finished product.in the process of drying zinc oxide,drying is necessary in the drying process.Many experts and scholars at home and abroad and drying technology of this material have carried out a very deep research and experiment, from hot air circulation oven, to fluid drying equipment, to provide a large amount of experimental data and theoretical support for the design and manufacture.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) is according to this and with our experience,summed up the new subject to dry nanometer materials are used Zinc Oxide flash dryer.
    Flash drying machine for zinc oxide
    Flash drying technology since the eighty years since the last century, in the country's development is be obvious to people. Now more and more of the chemical enterprise will flash drying equipment drying process as a preferred, the special fluid drying with instant drying characteristics and the drying efficiency is very high, drying and crushing combined drying effect, so that the equipment investment is greatly reduced.And we can learn《The working principle of flash drying equipment》.
    In the dry material, it is a technical difficulty to make the product meet the quality requirement.Our comoany get the idea form Ultrafine nickel cobalt alloy powder flash dryers,Research and development of special flash dryer. The diagram is as follows:
flash drier of zinc oxide
    The picture above about flash drier of zinc oxide.1-Wind blower;2-Heat exchanger device;3-Feed charge door;4-Conveying device;5-Cyclone separator;6-induced draft fan;7-Heat-exchange facility;8-Host of flash dryers;9-Bag-type dust collector;10-Exhaust duct;11-Control cabinet.
    Because the equipment for the test in the flash drying unit of our company, with the actual production of different.Our company will customized with drying machine according to physical truth.
    Our mainly production is——flash drying machine,it is an efficient and energy saving new drying equipment.In the industry of Cryolite drying machineBarium carbonate drying machine碳酸钡Zeolite Y drying machineBarium carbonate flash dryersAnthranilic acid drying machine get better effect.If you need to know more about drying information, or to consult the relevant nowledge of drying equipment, welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359

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