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Cassava lees drying&dehydration machine_Cassava lees flash drying equipment

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    What is it
    Cassava lees is one of the most important byproduct of cassava processing. The main component of the cassava lees of crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat, amino acid and water. Easy to moldy cassava lees corruption, the need for timely drying.
    Cassava lees flash drying equipment
    Fresh cassava lees contains a lot of water, in before entering the drying process, the need for squeeze to the moisture content was below 65%. After pressing process, the material will harden phenomenon is more serious because of high content of sugar. So, we recommend the use of dried cassava lees flash dryer. Its intent is as follows:
Sketch Map
    The picture above about sketch map
    Cassava lees flash drying equipment
    For flash dryer drying of cassava lees for my company independent design and manufacture of experimental flash dryer.(See《Design key points of spin flash dryer》)Diameter:0.1m,weight:0.6m,Speed:1000r/min。
    The whole drying process: air through the filter after enter the heating of the heating device, reaches a certain temperature after entering the flash drying host within. Stay at the bottom of the agitator work, to be dried cassava lees in screw feeder under the action of entering the host. The material is crushed into fine particles by the blade of the agitator, and the area of contact with the hot air is increased. The bottom of the hot air self tower is tangent to the main engine, and the animal feed movement. In this process, the water evaporation in the material. After drying the material is collected by the fan, and the weight is packed.
    The advantages:
    Due to the fine crushing, cassava lees occurred compaction. The use of flash dryer, the stirrer is arranged at the bottom of the material can be cut broken. The contact surface of the material and the hot air is greatly increased after the crushing of the material, which improves the drying efficiency.
    For cassava lees sensitive material in the drying process, the need to pay special attention to temperature change. Generally set to 100 ℃ is appropriate. Flash dryer is a good temperature advantage, cassava lees will not happen carbonization phenomenon.
    The use of flash dryer processing cassava lees requires less energy consumption, lower production costs.
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