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The transform problem of wood drying process

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    Wood is common raw material,Wood processing in order to avoid rotting wood moth, will join in the production process of drying. Dry wood has become an essential process. Early due to the dry understanding of the wood is not sufficient, the drying technology can not be reasonably used will appear the deformation of wood drying. Why does this happen? Our company for you to share the wood drying process of deformation.
    The stress that caused by the deformation of the wood is called stress, because of the existence of the stress, the deformation of wood during drying process. So how does the stress generated? The reasons can be broadly divided into two categories: 1 wood in the structure of the special (such as the grain of wood into Shun lines and stripes Road, both the dry shrinkage is different); 2 moisture in wood distribution is not uniform.
    Because of the above 2 kinds of reasons causing the stress. The stress can be divided into 3 types: wet stress, residual stress and total stress. The total stress in the process of wood drying affects the quality of the drying, and the residual stress is affected by the wood after drying. So, according to the different drying stage, the stress of the change?
    Dry start: because the moisture content in the wood is higher than the fiber saturation point, there is no wet stress and residual stress.
    Pre drying part:Outer layer of wood due to drying equipment's drying its moisture evaporation,on the surface of the phenomenon of dry shrinkage, which is due to the role of internal stress. In order to avoid the deformation of the problem, in the early stage can be used to improve the surface moisture content, ease stress.
    Drying medium: after drying, the moisture content of each part of the wood is also lower than that of the fiber saturation point. If there is no increase of surface water cut in the early stage, the surface of the wood is fixed in the tensile state, the internal dry shrinkage of the wood and the external plastic and fixed before production is not completely dry, the stress in the wood is also in a balanced state.
    Late stage of drying: the moisture content at this stage become quite uniform, wood surface due to the plastic deformation of the fixed, no shrinkage; and internal wood due to the presence of adsorbed water and the shrinkage, but also subject to the surface pinning. In this stage, the moisture content of the wood is lower than the required value, and the balancing process must be done to eliminate the residual stress of the wood.
    In the process of drying wood, it is necessary to have a full understanding of the drying technology, and constantly improve the drying equipment. To deal with the deformation of wood, we need to find the problem, so as to change the drying process.

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