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Pectin drying machine_Drying pectin made by apple residue microwave equipment

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    What is it
    Pectin is a natural polymer compound. As an important component of plant cells, pectin exists in higher plants. Pectin due to its better gelation and emulsification stability effect, in food, medicine, textile industry has been widely used. In recent years, pectin involved in cosmetic industry, known as the most popular skin care products
    Pectin drying machine
    In the extraction process of pectin, it is needed to be dried. Drying technology has a very important influence on the quality of pectin. At present, the drying equipment for the drying of pectin mainly includes: low temperature drying, vacuum drying equipment, freeze drying equipment and spray dryer. The low temperature drying equipment is the first generation of pectin drying machine, its structure is simple, the energy consumption is low. But there are also a long dry period, the poor solubility of pectin dry goods, the appearance of color is not representative of the situation. At present, the low temperature and low temperature drying equipment has been eliminated gradually. With the development of the new drying technology, the feasibility of vacuum drying and freeze drying equipment in the process of drying out the pectin is also demonstrated. After vacuum drying or freeze drying, the color of the dried product, the color of the product, the product requirements, the solubility is also good, the product is tested for its pectin active ingredient has been the greatest degree of retention. But the above two drying methods are suitable for small scale or laboratory, for mass production is not suitable for. Equipment investment and dry running costs are relatively large. In the preparation process of fruit powder, mainly used for drying or spray drying equipment. Pectin powder was obtained from the solution of the pectin concentrated solution. At present, the use of spray drying system for the production of pectin industry in foreign countries can save the process of pectin precipitation. But need of concentrated pectin solution concentration and purity to monitor, prevent the impurities in pectin, influence the quality of the product. Due to the current domestic pectin spray drying system is more mature, Changzhou edoo drying equipment Co. Ltd. is not discussed in detail. The microwave drying process in the process of producing pectin from apple residue was described, and the feasibility of microwave drying technology in the process of drying was described.
    Drying pectin made by apple residue microwave equipment
    The traditional method of drying apple residue is hot air drying, which has a great influence on the quality of pectin. Microwave drying technology has the advantages of fast drying, convenient control, uniform drying, high efficiency and so on. So we can not help but think of microwave drying in the process of producing pectin from apple residue. Our company uses microwave drying process and traditional hot air drying method to improve the quality of pectin. The whole process of the preparation of pectin from apple residue is shown below.:
    Wet apple residue→Microwave pretreatment→Hot air drying→Grind →Sieving→Drying apple→Filter→The filtrate→Precipitation→Filter →Precipitate→Cleaning→Drying→Dried fruit gum
    In short, the whole process of preparation is the microwave drying of wet apple residue, and then the hot air drying, and finally through the grinding, sieving, extraction of pectin. We conducted orthogonal experiments to obtain the optimum microwave drying parameters of pectin.:
    Microwave power:300W
    Microwave drying time:15min
    Microwave processing capacity:7.5×10-2kW·h
    (Ps:The pectin drying parameters for the company test data and the actual production will exist certain access, the details can be contact with my company!)
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