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Fiberglass drying machine_Fiberglass drying oven

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    Apply of fiberglass
    Glass fiber is also known as glass wool is a kind of common inorganic nonmetal material, which is characterized by good insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance. At present, glass fiber is widely used in electric insulation materials, industrial filter materials, etc.. There are many types of glass fibers, of which the most important is the roving. Our company in the drying process of roving.
    Fiberglass roving drying machine
    The drying of the raw silk production is the preparation of glass fiber roving is the most important part in roving process. The glass fiber without roving drying equipment is mainly by drying furnace for production, the most common intermittent drying furnace and continuous type drying oven. The twistless roving intermittent drying oven is cycling loading rovings for drying, a certain period of time after the car pulled out to replace a number of. And continuous drying oven is a number of cars at the same time, dry car in dry indoor sports.
    The effect of glass fiber is directly influenced by the quality of the final product. Our company recommends the use of glass fiber tunnel drying oven.
    Glass fiber tunnel drying oven
    Glass fiber tunnel type drying oven belongs to continuous drying oven and heat source is natural gas heating. The device has the characteristics of uniform temperature, accurate control and high degree of automation.
    The structure as shown above:
Structure diagram
    The above picture about structure diagram.Among 1-The original wire car exports;2-Glass fiber tunnel drying oven body;3-Platoon is wet fan;4-Pulmonary circulation fan;5-Systemic circulation fan;6-Hot air generator;7-Switch/emergency braking;8-Dolly;9-The original wire car entrance;10-Control cabinet;
    We can see from the picture of glass fiber tunnel drying furnace is mainly composed of: hot air furnace, hot air circulation device, drying room, automatic temperature control device, the original wire transfer device. About the equipment detailed design parameters, welcome to contact our company directly.
    The advantages of our production
    Our company independently design and manufacture of glass fiber drying machine has been put into production, and smooth running more than a year.The yield can reach more than 2000t,the temp of drying room can be reach ±1℃,very precise.Glass fiber tunnel drying oven gas usage about 14m³/h,Heating time about 30 min.
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